A/N: After sacrificing many lunches and spending WHO-knows-how-many-hours instant messaging each-other, me and livi finally finished a Crew-Resident one-shot! and just in time for Christmas! YAAAY! i CAN get things done on time!! see?

anyway, enjoy people!

and have a very merry Christmas!


Daiyori: Holy crap this is cold...

(It's snowing, and the Residents are outside and on their way to the Lair to celebrate Christmas Eve with the Crew)

Durithyll: (running around like a 4 year old) SNOW!!! I love snow!!

Daiyori: You see it every year. Can you stop spazzing now?

Durithyll: (sticks her tongue out) Shu-- hey! (points to her tongue) I caught a snowflake!

Daiyori: (eyebrow twitches)

Roake: Don't worry (pats him on the head)

(Everyone continues to walk down the snowy street. Eventually, they come to a large one-story house)

Jacob: D-mn! They--

Durithyll: Don't cuss!(smacks him)

Jacob: ow!! I was just saying they have a big house--


Jacob: I wasn't! I was just saying theirs is--


Daiyori: That would be bad though. He and his girlfriend could get naughty...

Jacob: SHUTUP!! (throws a wrench at Daiyori, sending him flying and tumbling to the ground.)

Komasu: ... uh... maybe we should, just, uh... go inside...

Durithyll: (instantly happy again) Yay! Food!!

(everyone walks up to the door and Durithyll rings the bell. The door flies open, and in an instant, Mowo has glomped Jacob into a bank of snow)

Mowo: Hey, Jacob! (kisses him) Merry Christmas!

Jacob: (stunned) H-Hi Mowo!

Daiyori: (laughs)

Jacob: (glares)

Daiyori: So when is--

Livi: (snatches up Daiyori) Hey people! (throws the snake around her shoulders)

Daiyori: Uh... what?

Durithyll: Hey! That is MY snake!!

Livi: No... this is MY SCARF!!

Durithyll: Yeah right! (lunges)

Roake: (loops his arms under Durithyll's) D, calm down.

Daiyori: (squirming) Ya! Put me down! Roake is bad enough about this!!

Livi: (grips him firmly) Don't think so! You'd be smart to stay still!

Jacob: Ho ho! The Snarky-jerk-snake has been reduced to a scarf!

Daiyori: Shut up!!

Julieanna: (from kitchen) Livi!! Stop scaring the Resdients and come help me!

Livi: K! C'mon in, guys!

Annoyance: (slips in) Hey people!! What's-- ACK!! (ducks behind Livi)

Livi: What's your problem?

Annoyance: (still hiding) YOU DIDN'T TELL ME BOREDOM WAS GONNA BE HERE!!!

Boredom: (has just slipped in behind the Residents, looking very unhappy)

Durithyll: Bodredom!! You came!!

Boredom: (grumbling) Finale insisted....

Durithyll: Yay! (grabs Boredom by the arm and drags her into the Living Room)

(everyone crowds into the Living Room)

Jacob: (counts everyone in the room) whoa wait... where's the loser with the psycho girlfriend?

Mowo: Tiku? He and Nata are still in the Game Room.

Jacob: ... game room? You guys have a GAME ROOM?! We barely have a bedroom, and only Durithll has it--

Durithyll: (throws a book-- Twilight – at him) SHUT UP!!

Jacob: Ack! (ducks, runs off in search of Game Room)

Mowo: Jacob! C'mere! (opens Game Room door and steps in)

(The Game Room is completely dark, save for the TV screen-- showing Guitar Hero. Tiku and Nata are playing, and Matsudai is sleeping next to Nata. In the corner, a large bookshelf FILLED with games is visible.)

Mowo: (leaning against couch) You're playing without me?!

Nata: I told him not to...

Tiku: She was taking too long!

Jacob: (standing around looking amazed) Holy crap! Why don't you guys just BUY the game store?! You have more games than they do!!

Tiku: Jealous much?

Jacob: Don't start! (jumps over the back of the couch and lands next to Tiku, notices a plate sitting on the floor in front of them FILLED with sugar cookies) ... betcha I can beat you in a sugar cookie eating contest.

Tiku: (eyes flick from the screen, to the cookies, then to Jacob) ... You're on.

(cut scene back to the others)

Durithyll: He's MY snake!!!

Livi: (back to the wall, shoving Durithyll off with one foot and holding Daiyori over her head) No, he's MY SCARF!! I believe we've been through this!

Durithyll: I don't care!! Give him back!!!

(whips around to face Roake)

Durithyll: Roake!! Make her give him back!!

Daiyori: PLEASE!! This is humiliating!!

Roake: (smiles, looking rather amused) I think Komasu needs some help in the kitchen.

Jacob: (from inside the game room) Keep 'em coming Komasu!!

Komasu: O-okay!! (looking slightly flustered as she carries a tray opf cookies into the game room)

Roake: (waves, and quickly runs off after Komasu)

Durithyll: Roake!! Get back here!!

Daiyori: You TRAITOR!!

Livi: Yo! Quit squirming! I'm about to friggin HURT you!

Durithyll: You better not!! (flings herself at Livi)

(cut scene to the Game Room)

Jacob: I –huff -- win!! (collapses)

(Jacob and Tiku are sprawled across the floor, with 6 empty plates surrounding them)

Tiku: (groans) Ugh... I dunno how you stand that stuff...

Jacob: ...practice... (covers his mouth) Oh crap...

Tiku: You throw up on my Wii I'll friggin murder you!

Mowo: Shut up, Tiku! (wraps her arms around Jacob's neck) Are you okay, sweetie?

Jacob: Groan.........................

Mowo: Aww... (gasp!) I know! There's a coffee shop right down the street! We can head over there, and you'll perk right up!

Jacob: But I don' wanna.....

Mowo: (pecks him on the cheek) Yes, you do...

Jacob: (grins) You're right...

Mowo: 'K then, let's go! (starts to pull Jacob up)

(walks into the living room, and immediately see Livi sitting on top of Durithyll, holding Daiyori above her head)

Durithyll: (kicking and screaming) give me back my snake!!!

Daiyori: (yelling at Roake who is inside the kitchen) Roake, you b-stard!! get in here now!!!

Roake: (turns on the mixer) Whaat? I can't hear you! (smiles as he points to the mixer) It's too loud!!

Daiyori: $*#@!!

Durithyll: Don't cuss!!!

Jacob: Um... I think we should go now...

Mowo: Uh, yeah... (pulls Jacob towards the door)

Livi: (Struggling to keep Durithyll down) Where're you two going?

Daiyori: Oh come on! Can't you at least stick to pre-existing contractions?!

Livi: Does it bother you?

Daiyori: YES!!

Livi: Then, no!

Mowo: (throws the door open) Let's go! (pulls Jacob out)

(cut scene to backyard)

Boredom: (standing outside up to her ankles in snow, trying to get away from the insanity) stupid blue-haired idiot... with stupid pointy horns....

Annoyance: (slips in a few feet in front of Boredom and nails her in the face with a MONSTER snowball) Tag!! You're it!!

Boredom: You-- YOU'RE SO DEAD!!

Annoyance: (lips out, then back in behind Boredom) I'll bet Artist Block's getting' a kick outta this! (throws another snowball)

Boredom: The only kick she's gonna get is when my foot get's shoved up her-- (a snow ball smacks her in the side of the face)

Zatannii: Now, now, Boredom.... is that anyway for a lady to talk?

(Cut scene back to Jacob and Mowo. They've just gotten their coffee and are headed back home)

Mowo: (handing off Jacob's arm, takes a long sip of coffee) Mmm... I love coffee!! It's so warm...

Jacob: (quietly sipping at his coffee) mmm...

Mowo: (notices some kids playing in the snow) (smiles and looks up at Jacob) So, how many kids do you wanna have?

Jacob: (spews his coffee) WHAT?!

(cut scene back to the Lair)

(By this time, everyone has gotten sucked into the snowball fight, with every man for himself)

Daiyori: (is running frantically in the snow, trying to get away from Livi)

Livi: (chasing Daiyori, while at the same time trying to get away from Durithyll) D!! Get off me!!

Durithyll: never!! he's MY snake!

Boredom: eat THAT!! (throws a snow ball at Annoyance, smacking her in the face)

Annoyance: (trying to duck behind Zatannii) Jerk!! (throws another snowball at Boredom)

Boredom: Like that'll help! (charges straight at Zatannii, knocking him to the ground)

Annoyance: (bursts out laughing, completely oblivious to Boredom)

Zatannii: (grabs Boredom by her ankle while she's in mid-lunge at Annoyance and pulls her down)

Boredom: Zatannii! just let me slaughter her for once!

Zatannii: as funny as that may be, i really wouldn't have to deal with the authorities... it'd just be a waste of ammunition, really.

Annoyance: I thought you WERE the authorities?

Zatannii: in all things hilariously sadistic, yes! but not "turn around, hands behind your head"... so boring really... no action, no gun fights, no blowing up antis as they try to smash through the very foundation of their own reality!!

(Jacob and Mowo pick that moment to step around the corner and find the chaos in the backyard)

Jacob: what the h-ll is going on? wait -- is that – ZATANNII!?!?

Mowo: Aw, he's so cute!

Jacob: (slowly turns to Mowo with a look of enraged confusion)

Mowo: (recoils slightly) Oops...

Jacob: (bends down and packs together a very dense snowball. adds a few rocks for good measure) (smiles manically) two can play at this game...

Boredom: (trying to throw a snow ball at Zatannii) stay still!

Zatannii: And why would I do that?

Zatannii: it's a shame really... thesd snowballs are so incredibly non-lethal! if only they exploded -- (gets smacked in the side of the face with Jacob's snowball)

Jacob: HA! take that robo-psycho!

Annoyance: Ha! Nice shot Jacob!!

Zatannii: (small trickle of oil-like fluid trickles down his face) hey look! i'm bleeding!

Jacob: you'll be doing way more then that when i'm through with you!

Zatannii: i'm not sure you can compete with a SD-427-2 model complete with four concealed concussive force pistols, two double action, wrist mounted firearms, three back up generators, and a partridge in a pear-tree.

Mowo: (blink blink) (whispers to Jacob) What'd he say?

Jacob: i... uh.. don't know... but i have a wrench and I'm not afraid to use it!!

Boredom: from a snowball fight to a battle of the idiots...

Annoyance: Funny... that seems to be how most of this ends

Boredom: pretty much... hey! we're not done yet!

Annoyance: True dat! (smacks her in the face with a rather large snowball)

Durithyll: (huffing heavily) give me... back... my snaaaaaaaaaaaake....

Daiyori: (hiding in a tree above both Livi and Durithyll as they stop to catch their breath)

Livi: (also gasping for breath) No... way... he's my... scarf...

Durithyll: he's my... snake... (tries to lunge at Livi, but just ends of plopping down on the ground) stupid snake... too darn fast....

Livi: (starts to point out she and Roake can never agree on Daiyori's speed level, but simply rolls her eyes and waves D off instead) No comment...

Durithyll: (still faceplanted in the snow) whatever


Durithyll: i'm coooooold....

Livi: (folds her arms over her chest) Ugh... me too... (calls up towards the tree) We're going in if you don't wanna freeze, Snarky!!

Durithyll: wha -- (looks up) DAIYORI! what are you doing up there!?

Daiyori: hiding from you morons! what do you think!?

Livi: Well, get down here! (starts off towards the house) JULIEANNA!!! I HUNGER!!!

Julieanna: (leaning in the backdoor watching the chaos) Finally... thought you morons would never get tired...

Livi: (shoves past her) Shuttup....

Daiyori: (slowly slithers down the tree)

Durithyll: (runs inside, paying no attention to Daiyori) i want COFFEE!! i'm COLD!

Livi: Coffee? Bleah! I want hot chocolate!!

Durithyll: WHAT!? no! that's blasphemous! i demand coffee!

Roake: (was also sitting and watching on the porch) ah, so the snow ball warriors return?

Daiyori: more like snowball MORONS... they had me running all over the place! in the COLD SNOW!

Boredom: (tries to squeeze the water out of her hair) stupid nuisance...

Zatannii: they may not explode on impact or cause other forms of lethal damage, but snowballs are still fun!

Jacob: SHUT. UP!!!

Mowo: (hugs Jacob) Play nice

Jacob: (practically whining) tell HIM that!!

Tiku: (flicks Jacob's ear) Yo! Beat I can eat more actual FOOD than you!

Jacob: Oh, you are SO ON!! (runs to the table after Tiku)

Mowo: (rolls her eyes) Oi...

Daiyori: can we just EAT now?

Livi: Yes! Food!!

(Everyone crowds around the table, snatching up whatever food is available, and just having a good time. Everyone talks about nothing, but that's okay. Friendships don't have to have a point, and they rarely ever do. It seems that more times then not, the only time that the Residents AND the Crew ever get to spend time together as one, is when the entire known universe is in peril. Chances are, things will go back to being the crazy way things are come next week. but for now, for this moment, things are okay, and they plan to make the most of this moment. and that's by enjoying the simple things in life -- good friendships, and good food.)

Merry Christmas!


okie day! this is just random update really!

first, i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to get a Christmas picture on here by Christmas day. You see, me and my sister BOTH use the ONE Wacom Tablet, and mom asked both of us for a picture for Christmas. Well, the Wacom belongs to Kanirou (my sister) so she gets dibs. so she's currently working on her picture. which means that i'm not. which is a problem. even if i do get the Wacom back in time, i'll have to spend all my time working on the picture for my mom. i'll be lucky to even finish that!

second thing: do ANY of you guys ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings? cause if you don't i will have to seriously SMACK you! not really! but whatever!

i WILL update the EPCs regardless, but you guys should seriously read them! there's some serious Insanity going on over there! in case you guys DIDN'T already know, the EPCs are the insanity that me and Liv randomly cook up. She'll leave a random comment with the Crew, i'll respond with the Residents, and before you know it, the entire universe is in peril! actually, thats only happened once... but whatever! what i'm saying is that you guys should read them! it's the EASIEST way to understand the characters!  grr!

okay, third point: I'm finishing up with the character sketches for everybody, but i need to colour them and stuff in Photoshop before i can put them up (i want you guys to see them and critique them before i start the final piece). which, duh, i can't do at the moment. plus, i STILL haven't gotten Hewhohasnotbeennamed's (Jason, that means you!) description! so everybody go spam his blog until he gives me his stupid description! oi!

ok, so i think that's all for now!


ps: everybody make sure to do the poll thing on the homepage! just to give me an idea on exactly how many people ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings!




JASON (who needs a name) ;-)

MOOLATTE (yes, i know what you look like, but just in case you want to look anthro or something)


A/N: yes, i know... this ridiculously late (it's 11: 50) but it's still December 17! and more importantly... Komasu's Birthday! i know, there is probably a butt-load of typos, but it's late, and i'm going to bed thank you very much! so i'll go over it in the morning.

enjoy! and i still need descriptions from some of you people!

sigh... i love the Residents so much... they mean so much to me!


Komasu: D, i told you not to do this.

Durithyll: and i told you to shut up.

(Durithyll and Komasu are currently in the Apartment. Durithyll is standing at the kitchen counter, preparing an extravagant fruit salad.)

Durithyll: It's your birthday. so you're getting a birthday party.

Komasu: sigh...

(Komasu had long resigned herself to the fact that there was not going to be any backing down on Durithyll's part concerning the matter. Deciding that it was better than arguing, she grabbed some plates and took them to the small porch outside, where the only real table was)

Durithyll: see? now isn't that better?

Komasu: you still shouldn't be going through this much trouble over my birthday...

(Komasu was quickly cut off when an empty streamer roll flew into the side of her head

Komasu: h-hey!

Durithyll: of course we should! this is your birthday! and you're a Resident! and more importantly, one of my best friends.

Komasu: (blushing heavily) ...i'll go take these out now...

Durithyll: (looking very smug, and turns back to the salad she was working on.)

(someone is heard fumbling with the door knob from outside the Apartment.)

Durithyll: I'll get it! (steps over to the door and quickly opens the door) Zatannii!

Zatannii: Hi! (steps inside, with his characteristic grin plastered all over his face. points to a small, wrapped box in his hand) look! i brought a present this time!

Jacob: (had been digging through the closet looking for more party supplies) great... is it a bomb or something?

Zatannii: of course not! Bombs are much too messy to make! although the gratifying sound of imploding air and debris being shot out in all directions makes it worth--

Jacob: just stop talking. right now. so what DID you get her?

Zatannii: (opens his mouth to say something)

Jacob: never mind.  i really don't want to know.

Zatannii: (grins even bigger, if that was even possible)

Durithyll: do you know if Boredom is coming?

Zatannii: of course! she said she be here soon.

Jacob: (cocks his eyebrow) And do you always know Boredom's whereabouts?

Zatannii: usually. She's actually really funny once you get to know her.

Jacob: (looks slightly weirded out) uh, what? are we talking about the same Boredom? cause i'm thinking really bit--

Boredom: (suddenly slips in, smacks Jacob in the back of head) finish that sentence at your own risk.

Jacob: what is up with you people!? do you magically know when i'm about to cuss or something!? Da--

Durithyll: (smacks him) hello? can you at least TRY?

Jacob: sorry...

Komasu: (has just stepped back inside from the porch) oh! Zatannii! and Boredom?

Boredom: yes! is it REALLY that surprising?

Komasu: well... you kinda make it sound like you hate you guts...

Boredom:  here. (tosses a small present to Komasu) gotcha something.

Komasu: huh? oh! (catches the present awkwardly) t-thanks! i... (blushes lightly, looks up at Boredom) thank you.

Boredom: whatever. just don't let it go to your head.

Durithyll: (snatches up Zatannii and Boredom's presents) i'll just take these outside! and can someone call Roake? he should've been back now with the cake.

Jacob: (expertly whips out his cell phone) on it... (scrolls through his contact list and clicks on Roake's. Puts the phone to his ear and waits for him to answer)

(A traditional riiiiiing riiiiiiing is heard from somewhere in the room)

(everyone turns to the coffee counter, where a phone is sitting ringing)

Durithyll: did he forget to take his with him AGAIN?

Jacob: oh God... what is wrong with his ringtone? it's nauseating...

Komasu: where'd Daiyori go?

Jacob: are you kidding me? Roake and Daiyori are practically joined at the hip. well, they would be if Daiyori had a hip. but he doesn't. so i guess they're joined at the tail?

Durithyll: (rolls her eyes) just stop now, before you hurt yourself.

(Just then, a knocking is heard at the door)

Daiyori: (from outside) hurry up and open the door!

Komasu: (in a very good mood) coming! (opens the door)

Daiyori: (slithers in past Komasu, notices Boredom) oh, hi Boredom.

Boredom: (throws her hands up in the air) yes! i was here for your birthday wasn't i!? and Zatannii's here! doesn't HE get any reaction?

Daiyori: he sort of likes us. at least, we assume he does.

Zatannii: (waves)

Boredom: (eyebrow twitches) well i brought a present.

Roake: Really? hm. anyway, i got the cake!

Durithyll: lemme see! lemme see! (yanks the cake out of Roake's hands) aw, i love it!

Komasu: it's... huge.

Durithyll: course it is!

Jacob: ok, everybody's here, can we EAT now!?

(Everyone makes their way outside and crowds around the small round table outside)

Daiyori: oh dear ancestors... please tell me that Durithyll didn't cook.

Durithyll: hey! i can cook!

Daiyori: Durithyll, Baking soda is NOT the same thing as sugar.

Durithyll: hey! that was not my fault! anyway, it's a salad. you can't screw that up.

Daiyori: you would manage...

Durithyll: will you shut up!? oi...

(Everyone eats contentedly as fun, pointless conversations run though. Conversations on nothing in particular, but just a group of friends enjoying one of the few times that they can all eat together like this.)

Durithyll: so, i was all like -- KOMASU!!!

Komasu: (jerks up) w-w-what!?

Durithyll: what is THAT! (pointing wildly to the open text book in front of Komasu)

Komasu: uhm... my history book--

Durithyll: no! this is YOUR birthday! you will NOT be STUDYING at the TABLE!!

Komasu: b-but i have my exam on Friday!

Durithyll: it can wait!

Komasu: no it can't--

Durithyll: it can wait.

Komasu: (looking sort of scared) a-alright... (slowly closes the text book ad places it beneath her seat)

Durithyll: muuuuuuch better. now who wants cake?

(after giving everyone a very generous slice of cake, everyone sings Komasu happy birthday -- even Boredom. Komasu then opens her presents, revealing a digital picture frame from Zatannii -- that he designed -- and a very expensive looking digital camera from Boredom. Komasu at first had problems accepting the expensive looking presents, but after threats of physical violence from Durithyll, she thanked everyone profusely and put the presents next to her.

It was extremely late now, and after going back inside, Jacob revealed three six packs of beer. Durithyll nearly beat him to death.

Roake had to physically separate the two if Jacob was going to come out of the ordeal alive. After the whole commotion had finally ended -- with Jacob only minorly wounded -- Boredom said her good-byes, and left the Apartment. with Zatannii leaving shortly after.

it's extremely late now, easily past one o' clock.)

Komasu: sigh...

(Komasu is sitting in one of the chairs that Zatannii had dragged in from the porch. Durithyll is sitting in the other one still awake, while Jacob, Roake, and Daiyori are sprawled all over each other on the couch)

Durithyll: watcha thinking about?

Komasu: nothing really...

(the two sit in companionable silence for a while)

Durithyll: you know... you never opened my present...

Komasu: what?

Durithyll: (smiles, and stands up, wincing as the chair creaks slightly. as quietly as she can, she sneaks over to the kitchen and couched down behind the counter. When she stands up again, she is smiling broadly and holding a small gift bag stuffed with coloured paper. walking back over to where Komasu is sitting, she drops into her lap.)

Komasu: (looks up at Durithyll with a questioning look, but doesn't say anything)

Durithyll: (sits back down while Komasu is quietly taking the paper out the bag. after digging through it for a few moments, Komasu gasps and pulls out two tickets)

Komasu: you didn't...

Durithyll: i so did.

Komasu: these are two tickets to the Transformers Bot-Con!! (quickly looks over to the guys, wanting to make sure she hadn't waken them) i can't believe you!

Durithyll: don't worry about it! and come next spring... prepare for death by squee over dose!

Komasu: (sits back in her chair, looking at the two tickets fondly) you really shoudn't have. i'm serious.

Durithyll: and you're acting like a complete and utter idiot. of course i should have! Komasu, you have got to stop short-changing yourself like this. You are a Resident. and always will. so suck it up and deal with it.

Komasu: (smiles) thank you Durithyll.

Durithyll: (doesn't even bother to ask about what in particular, she understands) You're welcome Komasu. Happy Birthday.


Okie day, i didn't want to start a new blog entry because of the insanity me and liv got going on this one, but i have to ask a favour of you guys! I've recently gotten inspiration to do a big group picture of all the weebly users in our little weebly circle, but i need physical descriptions! don't give me your age or you weight if you don't want to, i completely understand. But i do need the basics: height, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, etc. just give me something! and if you're like me, and would rather use some type of funky-mess critter, feel free! drawing animals and anthros are WAY more fun to do than people! plus you wouldn't have to give me your actual physical description. If you just wanna be normal, that's awesome too!

Just leave it as a comment!
i will greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my crazy heart!





i am so in love with Devil Rays!! it makes me HAPPY!! sigh... love! anyway, so, we went to the JAMfest competition up in Gattlenburg, and totally placed FIRST! My squad got first place, a long with the Senior squad! the Mini's placed fourth, but that was pretty good! they had a lot of people in their division.

I don't have a lot of time right now (when do i ever?) but i really wanted to tell you peoples that!

so yeah, RAYS!

i'll post some pictures when i get some time too! i gots a bunch! AND CLOE IS SO CUTE!! I COULD TOTALLY SQUEE FOR HER! in fact, i think i will!




Ok, for those who don't know, Devil Rays is the gym i cheer for outside my school. it's competitive cheering (aka, the cheerleading thats ACTUALLY a sport) and i love it! it absolutely EATS my life, but that's ok!

and we're going to our FIRST competition for this season ON SATURDAY!!!! SQUEEEE!! I'll be leaving for Gattlenburg, TN Friday after school, so this will probably be the last time that i'll be able to update my site this weekend.


we had a dress rehearsal today, as in, we showed up in a our entire uniforms and ran our routine full out. we did awesome! i just hope that we can do our absolute BEST at the competition on Saturday!

Below i have two random pictures of some of my friends from the squad posted! I'm in the bottom one with Leah! I'm the girl with the straight blond hair. I have NO idea why that one decided to be blurry.

anyway, if you happen to to live in Gattlenburg, come see the competition! we're Devil Rays, Junior Lv 2, Watermelon. Yes, all the teams this year have a fruit theme. don't ask me why.

see ya! i'll try an post our results by Sunday!



ps: Livi, wait for me to get back before you post the you-know-what on my blog!