Ok, for those who don't know, Devil Rays is the gym i cheer for outside my school. it's competitive cheering (aka, the cheerleading thats ACTUALLY a sport) and i love it! it absolutely EATS my life, but that's ok!

and we're going to our FIRST competition for this season ON SATURDAY!!!! SQUEEEE!! I'll be leaving for Gattlenburg, TN Friday after school, so this will probably be the last time that i'll be able to update my site this weekend.


we had a dress rehearsal today, as in, we showed up in a our entire uniforms and ran our routine full out. we did awesome! i just hope that we can do our absolute BEST at the competition on Saturday!

Below i have two random pictures of some of my friends from the squad posted! I'm in the bottom one with Leah! I'm the girl with the straight blond hair. I have NO idea why that one decided to be blurry.

anyway, if you happen to to live in Gattlenburg, come see the competition! we're Devil Rays, Junior Lv 2, Watermelon. Yes, all the teams this year have a fruit theme. don't ask me why.

see ya! i'll try an post our results by Sunday!



ps: Livi, wait for me to get back before you post the you-know-what on my blog!

12/5/2008 04:50:16 am

Hey Joey said his site is under construction and he will have it up be tuesday!

12/6/2008 05:26:59 am

Hey girl! Love the pics! Hope you're having fun! You can enjoy Gatlinburg and still kick-butt at the compitition, right?

And on the top picture, the shrimpy-looking blonde... that wouldn't happen to be your little pet "fly" would it?

And you had better get home ASAP so I can "You-know-what" which WILL be happening!! (My final warning... and D is STILL clueless...)

12/7/2008 01:19:02 am

go on my site

12/7/2008 07:51:38 pm


12/8/2008 09:49:48 am

and who might "." be?


cloe-two is a little..... i just won't say it.... but the cloe in the picture is NOT my cloe. THAT is cloe TWO.

my cloe is ADORABLE!!

12/8/2008 10:21:51 am

They're BOTH adorable!! They're EIGHT!!

Tiku & Mowo
12/8/2008 10:27:53 am

(At about dark-thirty some night, two figures clothed head to toe in black, slip silently through the hallways of the Resident’s apartment complex, eventually coming to the door of the Apartment itself.)

Tiku: Are you sure this is the right one?

Mowo: Yes, Tiku, I think I know where my boyfriend lives… (puts a paw on the doorknob and tries to push it open.)

(The door doesn’t budge. Mowo tries repeatedly to open the stupid thing, finally giving up.)

Mowo: (points to the door) It’s locked.

Tiku: (rolls eyes) Naw dur. What’d you honestly expect? They’d just let us walk in there and--

Mowo: Shaddup!! You’re makin’ me sound stupid!!

Tiku: (kneels down in front of the door) You don’t need my help…

Mowo: (cocks her head) What are you doing?

Tiku: (flexes a claw) Picking the lock. What do you think? (starts to claw at the inside of the keyhole)

Mowo: Uh… isn’t that kinda… “breaking and entering”?... like, illegal?

Tiku: Then again, so is kidnapping. Hang on… I think I… almost… (His claw, submerged in the keyhole, suddenly jerks to the left) Got it!

Mowo: Alright! (Reaches for the knob again)

Tiku: (grabs her paw) Whoa! Keep it down, would ya?

Mowo: What?

Tiku: You want Durithyll to wake up and find us in there?!

Mowo: Uh… no.

Tiku: Then. Keep. Quiet!

Mowo: (nods, then “zips” her lips shut)

Tiku: (rolls eyes, then forces the door open)

(the two silently slip into the dark Apartment. Mowo peeks around the hallway corner and looks around as Tiku creeps in behind her.)

Mowo: (looking around) Oi… how SMALL is their house?!

Tiku: (whispers) Shhhhh! I told you to keep quiet!

Mowo: Oops… (whispers) Sorry!

Tiku: (whispers) idiot… (looks around the hallway floor) Aha!

(curled up against the wall nearest to the door, nearly hidden by shadows, is the sleeping Daiyori.)

Tiku: (bending down, whispers) There you are! Looks almost like he’s hiding, huh?

Mowo: (whispers back) Lest he tried… With all the threat-notes, you’d think Durithyll would at least TRY to protect him— JACOB!!

Tiku: (hissing) SHUT UP!! (Whispers) You WANNA wake him up?!

Mowo: (whispering) Yes! (starts off towards Living Room)

Tiku: (whispers) No, Mowo—grrr… (ignores her) (Gently and carefully picks up Daiyori and drapes him over his shoulder.)

Mowo: (tip-toes around the couch)

(The T.V. is still turned on, with the pause-screen of some game still open. Jacob is fast asleep, still clutching the X-box controller, slumped all over the coffee table.)

Mowo: (whisper) Awwww! He’s so cute when he’s asleep!

Tiku: (halfway out the door with Daiyori) Will you come on?!

Mowo: (whisper) Aw, but he’s soooooo CUTE!! (starts to rub the top of Jacob’s head)

Tiku: (hissing through his teeth) Mowo! Get out here NOW!!

Mowo: (motions impatiently) (whisper) I’ll be there in a sec! Just go!

Tiku: (whisper) Ugh… FINE! You’ve got TEN SECONDS or I’m ditching you! (runs out into the hallway.

Mowo: (smiles, then turns, leans down and kisses Jacob on the cheek) (whispers in his ear) Sweet Dreams, Jacob…I love you…

(Jacob shifts slightly in his sleep and smiles.)

Mowo: (smiles back, pecks his cheek again, then runs out after Tiku)

Tiku: (has been waiting in the hallway with Daiyori still slung over his shoulder) Finally!! Where the crap where you?!

Mowo: Oh shut it! I was kissing Jacob “Good-night”!

Tiku: (blank stare) …You have GOT to be kidding!

Mowo: Shut up! (pulls the door shut) (notices the numerous scratch marks on the lock)

Tiku: (notices as well) Whoops….

Mowo: (starts down the hall) I can’t wait for D to notice THAT!

Tiku: (following her) Psh. I can’t wait ‘til she notices THIS! (jerks his shoulder, bouncing Daiyori)

Mowo: Oh I know! This is Liv’s best idea yet!

12/8/2008 10:35:07 am

(meanwhile, back at the Lair...)

Julieanna: This has got to be your WORST… IDEA… YET!!

Nata: YET. We still have tomorrow to look forward to…

Julieanna: Ugh. Don’t remind me!

Livi: Oh shut up! This’ll be fun!

Matsudai: Durithyll gonna freak.

Livi: Heck yes!

Annoyance: And that’ll friggin hilarious!!

Livi: Well, DUH!! And the best part, I gave her fair warning! I told her REPEATEDLY what was happening! And she STILL won’t have a clue!!

Annoyance: (rushes to the window) OMG they had better friggin get over here!!

Nata: I still don’t get it… DURITHYLL refuses to listen to you… so, why are you punishing DAIYORI?

Livi: Because I love Daiyori! He’s just so cute!

Julieanna: Don’t you have enough boyfriends?

Annoyance: (bursts into laughter, leaning on and banging her fists against the wall)

Livi: HEY!!

Matsudai: (growls, from his perch on Livi’s shoulder)

Livi: You tell ‘er, Mats. I don’t have multiple boyfriends!

Nata: You just need to learn the definition of “Love”.

Julieanna: I’m sure Mowo could teach her…

Annoyance: (laughs harder, slumping to the ground)

(at that moment, a series of rapid knocks sounds at the front door. Nata scampers over, unlocks it, and throws it open. Tiku and Mowo rush in and slam the door behind them.)

Mowo: We’ve got the hostage!!

Tiku: (takes the still-sleeping Daiyori off his shoulder and offers him to Livi) Your scarf, my dear?

Livi: AIEEEE!! (snatches Daiyori, hugging him to death) He’s mine, he’s mine!! The snake is all mine!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

Julieanna: (takes Daiyori) Stop it! You’ll hurt the poor thing!

Annoyance: Like he ain’t screwed anyway!!

Nata: Shhhh! SHHH! Stop!

(room silences as everyone waits to see if Daiyori will wake up. After a while, he’s still asleep.)

Livi: (sighs) Good… he didn’t wake up…

Annoyance: Are you kidding? A rocket launch off an avalanche in an earthquake couldn’t wake up that lazy slug!!

Livi: (flicks Annoyance’s ear) Don’t insult the hostage!!

Mowo: Yo! What do we do now?

Livi: Now, we impatiently wait for Durithyll to, and I quote: “wake up and find herself minus one resident”!

Mowo: (giggles)

Tiku: How ‘bout the snake? Don’t you think he’ll spaz like mess when morning gets here and he wakes up?

Livi: (thinks a second) Here, give him to me. (gently takes him from Julieanna)

Annoyance: What do you think you’re doing?

Livi: Well… I told Durithyll I’d have him locked in our closet… (opens closet door)

Nata: Oh my…

Julieanna: I cannot BELIEVE you, Liv! (stalks off)

Annoyance: I’ll take care off her… (slips out)

Livi: (shrugs) (carefully lays Daiyori on the closet floor)

Nata: This is gonna be too good…

Mowo: Psh. I know! C’mere Mats! (takes Matsudai off Livi’s shoulder and carries him towards the bedroom, with Nata following) How bad to you think Durithyll’s gonna freak?

Tiku: (standing by Livi, watching Daiyori) Guess we’ll see tomorrow, won’t we?

Livi: Yeah… In the meantime… (looks over Daiyori one last time) we’ve got some scheming to do… (slowly shuts the closet door then, as an afterthought, locks it.)

Sleep tight, Daiyori…

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