Okie day, i didn't want to start a new blog entry because of the insanity me and liv got going on this one, but i have to ask a favour of you guys! I've recently gotten inspiration to do a big group picture of all the weebly users in our little weebly circle, but i need physical descriptions! don't give me your age or you weight if you don't want to, i completely understand. But i do need the basics: height, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, etc. just give me something! and if you're like me, and would rather use some type of funky-mess critter, feel free! drawing animals and anthros are WAY more fun to do than people! plus you wouldn't have to give me your actual physical description. If you just wanna be normal, that's awesome too!

Just leave it as a comment!
i will greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my crazy heart!





i am so in love with Devil Rays!! it makes me HAPPY!! sigh... love! anyway, so, we went to the JAMfest competition up in Gattlenburg, and totally placed FIRST! My squad got first place, a long with the Senior squad! the Mini's placed fourth, but that was pretty good! they had a lot of people in their division.

I don't have a lot of time right now (when do i ever?) but i really wanted to tell you peoples that!

so yeah, RAYS!

i'll post some pictures when i get some time too! i gots a bunch! AND CLOE IS SO CUTE!! I COULD TOTALLY SQUEE FOR HER! in fact, i think i will!


12/10/2008 07:51:29 pm

Yo! Why are you spamming my site when you should be SAVING YOUR SNAKE?!?!

Tiku & Mowo
12/11/2008 05:43:01 am

(At about dark-thirty some night, two figures clothed head to toe in black, slip silently through the hallways of the Resident’s apartment complex, eventually coming to the door of the Apartment itself.)

Tiku: Are you sure this is the right one?

Mowo: Yes, Tiku, I think I know where my boyfriend lives… (puts a paw on the doorknob and tries to push it open.)

(The door doesn’t budge. Mowo tries repeatedly to open the stupid thing, finally giving up.)

Mowo: (points to the door) It’s locked.

Tiku: (rolls eyes) Naw dur. What’d you honestly expect? They’d just let us walk in there and--

Mowo: Shaddup!! You’re makin’ me sound stupid!!

Tiku: (kneels down in front of the door) You don’t need my help…

Mowo: (cocks her head) What are you doing?

Tiku: (flexes a claw) Picking the lock. What do you think? (starts to claw at the inside of the keyhole)

Mowo: Uh… isn’t that kinda… “breaking and entering”?... like, illegal?

Tiku: Then again, so is kidnapping. Hang on… I think I… almost… (His claw, submerged in the keyhole, suddenly jerks to the left) Got it!

Mowo: Alright! (Reaches for the knob again)

Tiku: (grabs her paw) Whoa! Keep it down, would ya?

Mowo: What?

Tiku: You want Durithyll to wake up and find us in there?!

Mowo: Uh… no.

Tiku: Then. Keep. Quiet!

Mowo: (nods, then “zips” her lips shut)

Tiku: (rolls eyes, then forces the door open)

(the two silently slip into the dark Apartment. Mowo peeks around the hallway corner and looks around as Tiku creeps in behind her.)

Mowo: (looking around) Oi… how SMALL is their house?!

Tiku: (whispers) Shhhhh! I told you to keep quiet!

Mowo: Oops… (whispers) Sorry!

Tiku: (whispers) idiot… (looks around the hallway floor) Aha!

(curled up against the wall nearest to the door, nearly hidden by shadows, is the sleeping Daiyori.)

Tiku: (bending down, whispers) There you are! Looks almost like he’s hiding, huh?

Mowo: (whispers back) Lest he tried… With all the threat-notes, you’d think Durithyll would at least TRY to protect him— JACOB!!

Tiku: (hissing) SHUT UP!! (Whispers) You WANNA wake him up?!

Mowo: (whispering) Yes! (starts off towards Living Room)

Tiku: (whispers) No, Mowo—grrr… (ignores her) (Gently and carefully picks up Daiyori and drapes him over his shoulder.)

Mowo: (tip-toes around the couch)

(The T.V. is still turned on, with the pause-screen of some game still open. Jacob is fast asleep, still clutching the X-box controller, slumped all over the coffee table.)

Mowo: (whisper) Awwww! He’s so cute when he’s asleep!

Tiku: (halfway out the door with Daiyori) Will you come on?!

Mowo: (whisper) Aw, but he’s soooooo CUTE!! (starts to rub the top of Jacob’s head)

Tiku: (hissing through his teeth) Mowo! Get out here NOW!!

Mowo: (motions impatiently) (whisper) I’ll be there in a sec! Just go!

Tiku: (whisper) Ugh… FINE! You’ve got TEN SECONDS or I’m ditching you! (runs out into the hallway.

Mowo: (smiles, then turns, leans down and kisses Jacob on the cheek) (whispers in his ear) Sweet Dreams, Jacob…I love you…

(Jacob shifts slightly in his sleep and smiles.)

Mowo: (smiles back, pecks his cheek again, then runs out after Tiku)

Tiku: (has been waiting in the hallway with Daiyori still slung over his shoulder) Finally!! Where the crap where you?!

Mowo: Oh shut it! I was kissing Jacob “Good-night”!

Tiku: (blank stare) …You have GOT to be kidding!

Mowo: Shut up! (pulls the door shut) (notices the numerous scratch marks on the lock)

Tiku: (notices as well) Whoops….

Mowo: (starts down the hall) I can’t wait for D to notice THAT!

Tiku: (following her) Psh. I can’t wait ‘til she notices THIS! (jerks his shoulder, bouncing Daiyori)

Mowo: Oh I know! This is Liv’s best idea yet!

12/11/2008 05:45:03 am

(meanwhile, back at the Lair...)

Julieanna: This has got to be your WORST… IDEA… YET!!

Nata: YET. We still have tomorrow to look forward to…

Julieanna: Ugh. Don’t remind me!

Livi: Oh shut up! This’ll be fun!

Matsudai: Durithyll gonna freak.

Livi: Heck yes!

Annoyance: And that’ll friggin hilarious!!

Livi: Well, DUH!! And the best part, I gave her fair warning! I told her REPEATEDLY what was happening! And she STILL won’t have a clue!!

Annoyance: (rushes to the window) OMG they had better friggin get over here!!

Nata: I still don’t get it… DURITHYLL refuses to listen to you… so, why are you punishing DAIYORI?

Livi: Because I love Daiyori! He’s just so cute!

Julieanna: Don’t you have enough boyfriends?

Annoyance: (bursts into laughter, leaning on and banging her fists against the wall)

Livi: HEY!!

Matsudai: (growls, from his perch on Livi’s shoulder)

Livi: You tell ‘er, Mats. I don’t have multiple boyfriends!

Nata: You just need to learn the definition of “Love”.

Julieanna: I’m sure Mowo could teach her…

Annoyance: (laughs harder, slumping to the ground)

(at that moment, a series of rapid knocks sounds at the front door. Nata scampers over, unlocks it, and throws it open. Tiku and Mowo rush in and slam the door behind them.)

Mowo: We’ve got the hostage!!

Tiku: (takes the still-sleeping Daiyori off his shoulder and offers him to Livi) Your scarf, my dear?

Livi: AIEEEE!! (snatches Daiyori, hugging him to death) He’s mine, he’s mine!! The snake is all mine!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

Julieanna: (takes Daiyori) Stop it! You’ll hurt the poor thing!

Annoyance: Like he ain’t screwed anyway!!

Nata: Shhhh! SHHH! Stop!

(room silences as everyone waits to see if Daiyori will wake up. After a while, he’s still asleep.)

Livi: (sighs) Good… he didn’t wake up…

Annoyance: Are you kidding? A rocket launch off an avalanche in an earthquake couldn’t wake up that lazy slug!!

Livi: (flicks Annoyance’s ear) Don’t insult the hostage!!

Mowo: Yo! What do we do now?

Livi: Now, we impatiently wait for Durithyll to, and I quote: “wake up and find herself minus one resident”!

Mowo: (giggles)

Tiku: How ‘bout the snake? Don’t you think he’ll spaz like mess when morning gets here and he wakes up?

Livi: (thinks a second) Here, give him to me. (gently takes him from Julieanna)

Annoyance: What do you think you’re doing?

Livi: Well… I told Durithyll I’d have him locked in our closet… (opens closet door)

Nata: Oh my…

Julieanna: I cannot BELIEVE you, Liv! (stalks off)

Annoyance: I’ll take care off her… (slips out)

Livi: (shrugs) (carefully lays Daiyori on the closet floor)

Nata: This is gonna be too good…

Mowo: Psh. I know! C’mere Mats! (takes Matsudai off Livi’s shoulder and carries him towards the bedroom, with Nata following) How bad to you think Durithyll’s gonna freak?

Tiku: (standing by Livi, watching Daiyori) Guess we’ll see tomorrow, won’t we?

Livi: Yeah… In the meantime… (looks over Daiyori one last time) we’ve got some scheming to do… (slowly shuts the closet door then, as an afterthought, locks it.)

Sleep tight, Daiyori…

12/11/2008 10:33:23 am

(Back at the Apartment...)

Durithyll: YAAAAWN... crap... i hate mornings...

(It's around 9:00 in the morning, and Durithyll has just stumbled out of her bedroom with a blanket draped around her shoulders. Jacob is sprawled over the coffee table with a 360 controller clutched in his hands. Roake is currently not in the Apartment -- he was hired to paint a mural in an office building out of state and is staying the night at a local hotel while he works on it.)

Jacob: (mumbles in his sleep) mwo... mphfm...

Durithyll: Jacob... if you're having naughty dreams about Mowo, i WILL slap you... but first i need coffee.

Durithyll: (stumbles around the kitchen, trying to find the coffee beans and her Stargate mug) cooooffeee... (smiles contentedly as the coffee pot slowly begins to fill up)

(Durithyll slowly walks out from behind the counter and flops down onto the couch. Nudges Jacob with her foot)

Durithyll: wake up, Jacob. You're gonna end up worse than Daiyori

Jacob: don't even kid about that... (slowly sits up. cringes) Holy mess, my back is sore...

Durithyll: that's whatcha get for staying up all night for an x-box live Halo tournament.

Jacob: yeah, but i totally dominated.

Durithyll: whatever.

(Durithyll grabs one of the couch cushions and chucks it behind her to where Daiyori usually sleeps. She waits a moment to hear the usual groan and badly slurred "goway", but hears nothing.)

Durithyll: (sighs, and slowly stands up) Come on Daiyori... can't sleep till 2:00 everyd -- OH DEAR GOD! WHERE'S MY BUDDY!?!? AAAHH!!

Jacob: (instantly awake) what?

Komasu: (quickly opens the closet door where she sleeps) w-what's going on?

Durithyll: (spazzing very badly) MY BUDDY IS GONE!!! GONE!! (flies to the bathroom and runs inside) He's not in the bathroom! (Flies back and practically tears off the door trying to open it) DAIYORI!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?

Jacob: D! why are you spazzing like this!? He probably just stepped out to get a fresh breath of air or something!

Durithyll: (just stares)

Jacob: yeah never mind... (pokes his head out the door and notices the claw marks beneath the door knob) uuuhh... guys?

Komasu: (flutters over to the door) what?

Durithyll: (still running/flying around frantically) DAIYORI!! LITTLE BUDDY!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!? (finally notices Jacob waiting on her) i'm coming...

Jacob: Look, there are claw marks beneath the door knob and surrounding the lock. (crouches down in front of it) It looks like the lock was picked. and rather well, too.

Durithyll: (falls to her knees) WAAAHH! MY BUDDY GOT GOT!! WAAAAAAAAAAHH!! who could do such a thing!? and with no warning? what kind of evil person would kidnap a defenseless snake without any type of warning!?

Jacob: A) he's not entirely defenseless -- he might could bite someone's ankles or something, and B) people don't tend to announce it when they plan on KIDNAPPING somebody.


Jacob: ...oh crap...

Komasu: What?

Durithyll: (totally not listening) WAAAAHHHH!!

Jacob: i just realized something...

Komasu: (waiting for an explanation)

Jacob: (looks to Komasu with a scared expression on his face) ...Roake's gonna murder us.

A/N: me and livi just started some Epic Comment Postings on the blog! feel free to just ignore us as we continue to be mean to my poor little snake... sigh... he really is just SUCH a trouble magnet...

so uh yeah! just sit back and watch the Insanity unfold!


12/12/2008 06:07:11 am

Good site! Can you visit mine?

12/12/2008 08:30:43 am

Sure! i'll get right on it!

12/12/2008 11:09:08 am

Daiyori: (Slowly wakes up) ... what the heck... (SLOWLY sits up) where am I? is this the closet? (reaches out with his tail to try and touch the walls) wait... it's too big... Komasu? You in here?


Daiyori: Crap. Uh, guys? Hello? YO!! Somebody get me out of here!! (slithers around randomly trying to find the door, stumbling into boxes and piles of junk) Come ON!! (eventually runs into the door) Door? Door! (starts banging on it very loudly) OPEN THE DOOR!!! NOW!!! (Starts hyperventilating) OPEN!! NOW!! (trying to breathe slowly) Open... now...

(from outside the closet)

Voice 1: Aw, poor Daiyori...

Voice 2: (sarcastic) Think we should let him out?

Voice 3: Yes! You guys are horrible!

Voice 1: Alright, alright! Chill out...

(Closet door slowly creaks open)

Daiyori: (Shoots out the door) AIR!!! (takes deep breaths) Huh? (looks around, and eventually looks up)

(To see Livi, Annoyance, and Julieanna standing over him)

Livi: (smiles maliciously) Morning, Daiyori. Welcome to the Lair...

Daiyori: Whoa wait WHAT?! the Lair?! how-- when-- WHAT?!

Livi: (looks sarcastically confused) Oh, I'm sorry... (smiles) Did Durithyll not tell you?

Daiyori: (looking very confused and very pathetic)

Livi: (looking increadibly sadistic) That she had some things to do for me... And that I planned on kidnapping you if she didn't do them...

Annoyance: Guess what? She didn't do 'em!

Daiyori: But i-- what-- I'm still confused!!

Livi: (Sigh) To put it simply: Durithyll's an idiot, I'm sadistic, and you're my hostage!

Daiyori: But why me!!

Livi: We can think of more ways to torment you than anyone else.

Annoyance: Plus, Durithyll won't give a crap if we do anything to her... But, if we hurt YOU, she'll give us what we want!

Daiyori: And what might that be?!

Livi: (shrugs, still smiling) A list of horribly impossible tasks that'll keep you here as long as I want...

12/13/2008 10:30:31 am

Hey man awesome site the drawings look so real. Hey could you visit mine?

12/13/2008 10:32:16 am

thank you! that means a lot to me! and of course i'll visit your site!

12/14/2008 05:00:05 am

I really like all of your stories! can I put a link to both of your sites on mine?

12/14/2008 05:01:55 am

sure! i'd be honoured!

(and i moved your comment from the ECP page to here, because that's where i post the Insanity that me and liv have managed to come up with! i try to keep as un-convoluded as possible.)

12/16/2008 06:55:29 am

Kinda in a rush here--can you draw me as an animal. I'll leave a blog for descriptions later. Writerguy

12/16/2008 06:56:23 am

I meant "blog post" above, not "blog". Sorry. Feel free to delete this comment, it isn't that important. Writerguy

12/16/2008 07:45:05 am

Can you draw me as a wolf? It would have dark blue eyes, and the hair would be silver(duh). I don't care if I'm standing or on four legs, it doesn't matter. And if you could have me wearing a blue headband, that would be cool.

12/17/2008 05:27:36 am

Durithyll--I actually decided to draw myself. I won't tell you my height/weight/age, but I CAN tell you the basics. Brown eyes, brown hair, short-ish (your choice on how tall that is). Also, on the drawing it would be cool if you had the peoples' "names" above/below them. Are you going to post this picture (when finshed) on your site? Writerguy

12/17/2008 09:45:42 am

of course ill post the names! and i was already planning on posting the picture on my site.

and what do you mean by "draw yourself?" are you going to enter the wonderful world of drawing!?

12/18/2008 05:29:08 am

Hey I was wondering if could draw me like batman except dark green with a cape.

12/18/2008 08:56:23 am

Sorry about being so unclear. Although I respect drawing, I probably not am going to get into it. (Sorry!) I meant you can actually draw me in the picture with the info above. Writerguy

12/19/2008 04:46:26 am

Daiyori: But... that's not fair!!

Annoyance: Who said we were fair?

Daiyori: I can't believe this!! I'm going... someplace else. (tries to slither past Livi)

Livi: Oh, no you're not!! (grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him onto the couch)

Daiyori: Wait... a laptop! (grabs it with his tail and frantically tries to open a blank email) Come on!! What is wrong with this mouse?! (Banging his tail repeatedly on the small mouse pad)

Annoyance: (jerks the laptop away from him) Are you crazy?!

Daiyori: Not compared to you people!! You guys are maniacs!!

Annoyance: Maniacs holding your LIFE in our hands!! Ya might wanna watch it, Snarky!!

Daiyori: Please, I'm already screwed!! Can't I at least yell at Durithyll for being an idiot and getting me into this mess?!

Annoyance: Of course not!! She--

Livi: Wait... that's not a bad idea, actually...

Julieanna: What? You're seriously--

Livi: Hang on. (takes the laptop from Annoyance and sets it in front of Daiyori) Alright, Daiyori, I'll make you a deal... you can send Durithyll any message you want, and I won't stop you, but...

Livi: (opens the laptop) You have to TYPE it...

Daiyori: You're on! (yanks the laptop closer to him) I can do this... (as slowly as possible, he tries to use the tip of his tail to punch the keys)

"cdjuritghyhll yiou idiotg this uis all your fauykt get over here an cd save me vyou moron nbefore i cfommit suucide

imn asrt thge lar

laifrt laiur lkasir lkajre lair"

Livi: (leaning over Daiyori's "shoulder") Ah, yes... BRILLIANT, Daiyori...

Daiyori: Shut up!! Your keyboard's broken!! Let me use the stupid webcam!

Livi: Uh, NO!!

Annoyance: You use the keyboard or you don't send the message!

Livi: You'd better type fast... as far as D knows, you're DEAD.

Annoyance: (smiles sadistically) Though, she may not be that far off base...

Daiyori: (gulps) ("I am so screwed")

12/22/2008 05:03:52 am


(Roake has just arrived back from his trip, and Durithyll and Jacob are hiding in the bathroom. They left Komasu to break the news to Roake)

Komasu: (looking down at her feet and twisting her hands nervously) uh... well, we, uh.... woke up this, uh, morning... and... well... daiyori was gone.

Roake: i can't... GRR! (turns away from komasu, running his hands over his face) (looks back with a look of quiet hatred) how long has he been gone.

Komasu: since this morning--

Roake: WHEN!!!

Komasu: (cringes)(looks like shes about to cry) i -- uh -- since, uh, 9:45... maybe?

Roake: (looks down at his watch, it reads 4:32) that's too long. Has anyone made a ransom or anything?

Komasu: uh... ransom? uh, no...

Roake: do you have ANY idea who took him?

Komasu: (seriously looks like she's about to cry) ...no.

Durithyll: (jumps over the top of the couch) Roake! can you not see your terrifying her!?

Roake: can you not see that Daiyori has been KIDNAPPED!? we have no idea by who! or what they want!

Durithyll: (angry) yes, Roake. and believe it or not, you're not the only who cares about him. he's our friend to.

Jacob: (walks out from behind the couch)

Roake: (his anger is still burningly evident, but now it's aimed at Durithyll)

(long, strained silence)

Roake: (turns sharply and walks out the door, slamming it behind him)

(another silence)

Durithyll: (pats Komasu on the back and slowly walks out the door. Jacob follows her)

(Roake is on all fours with his nose not even an inch off the ground, trying to find any scent whatsoever of who took Daiyori)

Roake: (glances up at Durithyll and Jacob but doesn't say anything)

Durithyll: (crosses her arms and watches, perfectly aware that her sense of smell is not nearly so keen)

Roake: (suddenly stops, and starts sniffing again, this time much quicker)

Jacob: do you smell any--

Roake: (shoves his hand up to signal Jacob to be quiet) (after sniffing around some more, he slowly motions for Jacob to come closer)

Durithyll: (slowly uncrosses her arms)

Jacob: (steps closer to Roake and begins to crouch down next to him)

Roake: (yanks Jacob down) smell.

Jacob: smell what?

Roake: Just smell!

Jacob: (slightly confused, but complies) i don't sme -- wait... is that...

Roake: perfume? yes. do you recognize it?

Jacob: ...yeah! it's the kind i bought for Mowo! I got it from Victoria's Secret -- (notices Durithyll's murderous glare) i mean Belks!

Durithyll: wait... so you're saying that Daiyori was taken by... the Crew?

Ransom Note
12/23/2008 02:31:23 am

A/N: To be found in Durithyll's email?


Hello, my dear, hopeless Residents.

I assume by this point you all either know exactly what's going on or are thoroughly confused.

Just to clear things up: Yes, the Crew has sucessfully kidnapped Daiyori. He is currently being held hostage at the Lair and is not liking it one bit.

Lucky for you, Durithyll, I've already promised Shannon not to KILL Daiyori. Though, with the never-ending list of torture methods Annoyance and I have put together, I can't garentee he won't commit suicide. He is fine, for the time being, but I plan on fixing that...

While we do that, of course, you and the remaining Residents have a series of tasks to do if you ever hope to get Daiyori safely back to the Apartment.

-Of course, you'll need to write that scene that struck up this whole crazy mess.

-Do try to keep Roake's temper under control. (I'll be sure to make that as difficult as possible)

-Decode the below message from Daiyori. (I want you to here the angst from his own mouth)

"cdjuritghyhll yiou idiotg this uis all your fauykt get over here an cd save me vyou moron nbefore i cfommit suucide

imn asrt thge lar

laifrt laiur lkasir lkajre lair"

-Listen to EVERY song on the list I gave to Shannon. (I'll TRY to remember to get it to you)

-Until this is said and done, there will be NO Crew/Resident contact, other than Durithyll and I to each other. (as in, Jacob can't talk to Mowo)

-By NO CONTACT, I mean if I were you, I wouldn't come within 3 miles of the Lair.

I assume that should be plenty for now, but don't worry! I'm sure I'll think of more...

There is absolutly no time limit on the ransom or on Daiyori's life span. a) because I know if the procrostinator doesn't have a deadline, she won't do anything and b) because I'm having WAY too much fun with this to give it up.

I'll be SURE to keep you all posted with EXACTLY how much pain Daiyori is currently in.

Best of Luck. You're GOING to need it.


P.S. I may have promised Shannon I wouldn't kill him, but, I promise all of you I WILL drive him completly and utterly INSANE!!

1/5/2009 09:17:08 am

Durithyll: that's what it says...

(After finding the letter on the door step of the Apartment, Durithyll read it out loud to all of the Residents in the living room)

Jacob: so it WAS the Crew...

Roake: (was standing away from everyone as Durithyll read the ransom note. Torn between feeling relief that Daiyori's probably going to be ok, and anger that the Crew would actually go this far. anger wins out.) ...what did she mean by the "scene that struck up this whole mess?"

Durithyll: uh... well, Livi took the script to Aladin, and subbed in some of the Residents and the Crew. she told me to write up a response, using (waves at the others) you guys... and i never got around... to it... she had threatened to kidnap Daiyori for a while... actually... i just... never thought she'd actually do it. and to be honest, after a while, i -- uh -- completely forgot about it...

Roake: (absolutely furious) ...are you kidding me? Daiyori was kidnapped because YOU were too lazy to write a SCENE?! a frikken SCENE is what Daiyori KIDNAPPED!?

Durithyll: Roake. i had NO idea she would ACTUALLY do it. how was i supposed to know!?

Roake: she THREATENED you!! THAT'S how you would know!!

Durithyll: Roake! you know just as well as i that you are OVER REACTING!

Roake: maybe you're just not doing enough!

Jacob: hey hey hey!! now hold it!

Roake: (whips around to face Jacob) you stay out of it!

Jacob: not when you're acting like this!

Durithyll: STOP!!!

(after a few more glares between Roake and Jacob, the tension eases. but only slightly.)

Durithyll: now Roake, you seriously need to calm down. we're not going to just leave him to the wolves. do you understand that? we love him too Roake.

Roake: (takes a quiet, deep breath) i know that... and i'm sorry... but Livi has already gone too far. what's to keep her from going even farther?

Durithyll: (places her hand on his shoulder) us. I'm going to get started on the scene and listen to every stupid song on that stupid list. Komasu's smart and stuff, so she can work on the message.

Roake: and me?

Durithyll: you can cool off.

Roake: Durithyll, i know i over reacted, but i have to DO something! i have to HELP!

Durithyll: (shakes her head) no. calm down.

Roake: but--

Durithyll: Roake. i know i don't have to argue with you.

Roake: (stays silent, but still doesn't accept it)

Durithyll: good. now i need to get to writing.

-------- middle of that night --------

(It's late now, and most are asleep. Komasu dozed off after practically finishing Daiyori's message, and Durithyll is not technically asleep, but is instead staring at a half finished document like a mindless zombie.)

Roake: (has just stepped outside into the snow and closed the Apartment door.) i'm sorry guys... but i can't wait for you to finish everything. i'm going to bring him home.

(clutching his dark brown trench coat over his black sweater, walks down the small flight of stairs to the street below)

Jacob: where the h*ll do you think you're going?

Roake: (whips around to see Jacob running after him) what are you doing here!?

Jacob: (crosses his arms) i asked you first.

Roake: (throws his hands up into the air) this s no time to be acting like a child!

Jacob: fine. in all honesty, i came to help.

Roake: (is about to argue, but realizes that Jacob is just doing what he can to help Daiyori too) ...thanks.

Jacob: really? oh, wow. that was way easier than i expected.

Roake: (raises an eyebrow)

Jacob: please. don't even try to act confused -- oh sh*t.

Roake: what?

Jacob: Tiku's so going to kick my *ss.

Roake: come on. Let's go get us a snake.

Jacob: doncha mean "snarky-jerk-snake?"

Roake: (smiles the first smile since this whole fiasco started) sure...

(the pair then make their way down the cold street, and take their first steps towards a rescue mission.)


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