ok, i seriously gotta make this quick, but i just added a new page! lookie lookie! it's the one titled "sub-ins"! it get's it's name from the fact that i've just taken a pre-existing script, and SUBstituted my own characters! yay easy hilarity!

anyway, this script is none-other then SUPER PAPER MARIO! yes, i AM horribly addicted to the Mario universe! because GUESS WHAT!! i'm a FANGIRL!!

anyway, to get this story, you do not need ANY knowledge of either the game, or even the Residents! none of my characters back story is used, and Zatannii's not even a cyborg/computer guy thing! I've used some of the Elementals, but not as Elementals, just characters! so you don't need to know ANYTHING about them either! just read it and enjoy!

oh yeah! and one more thing! i SORT of cheated on the whole sub-on thing... i created a brand new character JUST for this sub in! he's NOT a Resident, but i really like him! he's an anthro goat, and is named Kaq'nit. I used him for the Mario character, O'Chunks.

ok, i SERIOUSLY need to go now! so hurry up and go read the introduction! it's uber short! R&R!