Category: Thanksgiving - Tales from the Apartment

yo! and happy thanksgiving people!!

so go out, get some turkey, and GET FAT!! Whoo-hoo! TURKEY!! so uh yeah, just wanted to tell you people that!

also, i've an updating like a BEAST lately!! weird... anyway, because i only have two updates listed in the "Recent Updates" box at the top of the home page at any one time, i wanted to make sure that everybody got the updates!

-updated the Sketchbook page with a picture of Roake. yay, roake!
-updated the banner, obviously.
-updated the "other sites" section at the bottom of the home page.
-updated the Fiction page with chapter two of "A Life Long Fault!" yay! Daiyori-ness!

on that... Ok, for those people who are just jumping onto the Resident band wagon (God bless your souls...),  i would suggest holding off on "A Life Long Fault" until you understand the character Daiyori a bit more. Daiyori is very near and dear to my heart, and i don't want you guys jumping into a story that you aren't prepared to appreciate yet.

If you want to, and i would suggest you do, go to my original site--

--and click on the Blog page. there, scroll through the Tags column and click on "Daiyori" once you get to it. After you do that, start from the OLDEST blog entry (aka: "ANOTHER introduction... oi") and read UP.

but SKIP "Serious Daiyori Backstory Development". That was the random blog entry where i first got the inspiration for "A Life Long Fault." I liked the idea a lot, and thought that it deserved to be fleshed out into a story, so i revised the basic premise a bit, and began writing the story. The blog entry is basically a synopsis of everything, so it's just one big spoiler! and spoilers suck! so skip it!

anyway, i have my other site linked, so just click on it and start reading! It's not much, just about seven entries. So, please, read a little bit! just to get a basic idea of the character!

that's all!

and don't forget to eat a bunch of turkey!

ps: if you have ANY questions concerning the Residents or anything, just ask!