Hey! this is where i'll be posting art and such of the Residents!! Some of them may be sketches, speed paintings, and full blown pieces. at least, as close as i can get to full blown pieces. I'll also put up banners that i've used previously or plan on using in the future here. Some pieces may even double as banners!

anyway, please review! as an artist, trial and error can only get you so far. if you want to comment on a piece (PLEASE do) just drop a comment on the latest blog entry or guest book! even a "nice" would be greatly appreciated!

and i probably don't have to say this, but do not use these without permission. all of these characters and pieces belong to me.

click on the image to view it in full size


yay! it's done!

this piece was a personal milestone for me, because it was the first time i completed a picture entirely in photoshop (pathetic, i know). usually, i draw the picture entirely on paper, scan it, than digitally ink it and so on and so forth. well, it was kinda bugging me how i can never SKETCH on the computer (my proportions have a habit of being off), so sunday night, i decided, "what the heck. i'm gonna sketch in PS." so i opened PS and got to work!

while yes, there are serious problems in this picture, i'm still fond of it. please, PLEASE do not comment on the overall crappiness of the city. that was my first time ever doing a city scape, and you should be proud i even did it. normally, i would just get lazy and do a random sky line or something. so instead i just drew lazy buildings. yeah, big improvement.

anyway, i'm rambling, so i'm just gonna stop typing now!


Chibi Flight  
June 22, 2009

w00t! finally updated!

i realized that i didn't have a picture of Komasu uploaded and i HAD to fix that! so while me and Rou were watching Equilibrium on Sci Fi (which ROCKED! christian bale was in it!), i scribbled up the lineart for this. i know it's not really chibi, but the lineart has absolutely ZERO detail, so i'm calling it chibi. ;-)

not much to say on this one.

That's Okay
April 11, 2009

i better NOT get any comments saying "whoa, that is so corny" and ESPECIALLY not "whoa, are those two gay?" i am liable to gouge out eyes if i do! i am a hardcore FRIENDSHIPPER! meaning i don't do slash, but i HAVE TO HAVE MY FRIENDSHIP FLUFF!! doctor said so. not really. but whatever.

anyway, so Roake was doing a pretty little painting, when Daiyori walks on over, plops down next to Roake, and bluntly says: "i don't get it." Roake, being ever so ambiguous sometimes (because mysterious is SEXY!) responds. and obviously, is talking about more than just the painting. As some of you may recall, daiyori is an IDIOT. he's extremely intelligent in almost everything, but not people. when it comes to him and other people, he's an oblivious RETARD. while EVERYONE else has noticed Roake and Daiyori's odd friendship, he most definitely hasn't. because he's a MORON!

so while Daiyori never seems to get their friendship, for whatever strange reason, Roake really doesn't mind.

Jacob                                                                               March 10, 2009

Look! it's Jacob! yes, Mowo, this is for you.

actually, i realized that i had yet to post a picture of Jacob and i spazzed! so, i simply HAD to fix that! so i did! This is Jacob Linol, working in his beloved body shop. and sadly, i have NO idea what the inside of a body shop looks like!! wah! anyway, what happened, is that Jacob had just finished putting back together this engine, when he spotted this homless little screw lying right there on his work table. the little dumb butt had some how missed the screw entirely! so yeah, now he's sort of annoyed because now he's going to have to go through, take apart the engine -- again -- and see where the screw goes!

This piece took me a surprising short amount of time, mainly because i got slightly less stupid! for the last one, all i actually drew was the fore ground. i was just like, "oh, i can just finish the background in Photoshop!" that. was. stupid! drawing on the wacom is way different than drawing on paper. mainly because i'm still so inexpirenced with it. anyway, so with this one, i did the ENTIRE lineart on PAPER BEFORE scanning it in!


and please, notice the Halo 3 poster hanging on the wall. XD

drawn then scanned and coloured in Photoshop Elements 6.0.

Durithyll in the Kitchen                                                             2/17/09

Durithyll in the kitchen... a scary thing indeed...

this... picture... was... pure... EVIL!! but now it's DONE!!! Mwa ha ha!!

NEVER have i had a picture this annoying! but, than again, i've never put this much EFFORT into a picture! strange as it may sound, that stupid BAG OF FLOUR was the most evil part of all! seriously! all though D's wings are a close runner-up...

anyway. this piece took me a good FIVE DAYS!! which is RIDICULOUS by the way!! but, still, i am very glad that i finished it. even through all the annoyances brought on about this piece, i am quite fond of it! it was a lot of fun and oh so perfect for these two. in case ya don't know, Roake IS Mr. Mom for the Residents. in all seriousness. normally, you might expect Durithyll to be. she being the Artist and the actual owner of the Apartment. but NOOOOOOO! she's a lazy butt who insists the dryer is out to get her! well, i swear it may actually be, but that's beside the point. she's means well though! she even TRIES cooking some of the meals! but it really just ends up as a disaster... which is why everyone leaves the cooking to Roake! but she REALLY wanted to TRY baking SOMETHING, so she asked Roake to help her! he did, and well... let's just say the cake ended up on Roake before it ended up on a plate... poor D....

anyway, so here ya go! a picture of Roake trying to teach Durithyll how to bake a cake!! she seems into it. and by the way, that's her "serious" face.

and guess what! i re-did the lineart! entirely! yay! i'm getting slightly not-lazy!! not really... i'll still be a lazy butt loser....

Scanned then inked and coloured in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0.

BFFs!! + Snark!

Aw look, ain't they adorable?

It's Roake and Daiyori! being totally OOC, but still totally fluffy! which is why it's OOC...anyway! no, Roake is NOT swinging around Daiyori! well, actually, he is. just not because he's a jerk! It's just that... well, Daiyori doesn't exactly have arms! or legs. or even thumbs. XD

i like drawing in semi-chibi-ish style! it's fun! inked then scanned and coloured in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0.

Durithyll DeviantID

this piece i did specifically for my artist ID on Deviantart.com. for those who don't know, it's an online community for artists to show case their work and what not. well, i have an account on there, but i've never posted anything! so i randomly decided to fix that one day and sketched this up! i scanned it in and coloured it.

over all, this piece took my about a day. i'm also rather fond of it! it's nice not doing actually backgrounds -- random paint splotches are WAY easier!

not much to say, but it was a heckuva lot of fun!

Scanned in coloured in Adbobe Photoshop Elements 6.0.

Roake - Blank Slate                                                        January 11, 2009

another picture of Roake! yay! he's just so much fun to draw! X3

anyway, i did this piece for the whole purpose of inking it out, and then scanning it in to colour it. what i wanted to see, was whether or not i could be LAZY and just colour the scan, verus re-doing the entire lineart on the computer like i usually do. apparently, i can't.  at least, not if i want to colour it. wah.

okie day. so at first all i had drawn was Roake leaning against the non-existent-background-thingy. but then he had to go and scribble on the bottom of the page. not really. i did that. and that's why it sucks.

and the quote and everything is there just to make ME feel smart, and YOU confused! not really. he was just going to be leaning against the "blank slate" hence the blank background, but it wasnt obvious enough so i added the graffiti.

anyway, this piece took me pretty much an entire day, between doing the line art, scanning it in, colouring it, and BSing the graffiti.

scanned and coloured in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 using a Wacom Tablet.

D and 'Koda                                                              December 25, 2008

This was the art commission that my mom requested for Christmas this year. and this was also what ate up my time!! so uh yeah, no Resident group picture -- on time at least... sniff.

It's of Durithyll and my dog, Lakota. he's a Shiba Inu!! and the cutest --and stupidest-- dog EVER!!

anyway, i do NOT like this piece overall. plain and simple. Durithyll was being a JERK the entire time! Koda looks a ok, and the background is cute, but that's it! Durithyll's legs look TERRIBLE. but whatever, i needed to post SOMETHING  for Christmas!! again, like most of my pics, it's HUGE! sorry! but it just turns out like that!

Drawn and Coloured in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 using a Wacom Tablet.

Christmas Art Exchange - '08                                
December 19, 2008

This is the piece i did for mine and livi's art exchange. she drew me a picture of the Residents in her style (i LOVE it!) and i drew her a holiday wallpaper. yes, it IS another wallpaper! i just love doing them so much! it's so much fun!

anyway, livi has apparently stolen Daiyori and claimed him as her scarf --again-- and Durithyll is obviously not happy about it. Roake, being the calm and sensible guy he is, is trying to keep Durithyll from mutilating Livi.

Anyway, this piece took me about three days, and i am rather fond of it! Durithyll's expression makes me laugh...

Durithyll: That's MY snake!! Roake! make her give me back my snake!!

Daiyori: Roake you b-stard! this has you written all over it!!


yay! sellamin! the guy you just want to smack around! ALOT.

obviously this sellamin! wait, no... not obviously... ok, for any of those out there who HAVE read "A Life Long Fault," this is what Sellamin looks like. He may deviate from his description in the story, i know, but i have edited him a little bit, so this is what he currently looks like.

His mane was RIDICULOUSLY fun to draw, i might add! and the lighting was REALLY obnoxious. And no, i DID NOT realize just how MONSTROUS this piece was. his face practically eats up the entire screen! no kidding!

Drawn and coloured in Photoshop.

Zatannii Wallpaper

aw, yes, Zatannii! that happy-go-lucky sadistic little law enforcement dude! I can't really call him a police officer, because he's not even from out reality! or Here for that matter! For those of you HAVE read some of the Epic Comment Postings (i glare at you if you haven't!) then you should know who Zatannii is! not really! cause WE don't even know who he is! All that we saw of him, was when he hacked himself into Durithyll's laptop and started eating the Residents! he sort of HINTED at being a detective or something along those lines, but we REALLY don't know. and to make matters even MORE confusing, he suddenly showed up one day in human form!! HE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Anyway, this is what he looks like when he's not down loaded into somebody's laptop. Took me a while, because i was having to work on it sporadically at best. I was originally going to just paste some image i found on google of some binary code for the background there, but i just could not find one that worked! so i experimented a bit, and finally settled on something that i liked!

His hair is RIDICULOUSLY fun to draw! just so you know!

Wallpaper was made with 2560 x 1600 dimensions -- the average wide-screen laptop size. Feel free to use it! it was a lot of fun to make it!

Scanned and then inked and coloured in Photoshop.


Yes, some of the lineart is a bit sloppy (you can't really tell unless you view it full size though), but that's just the nature of inking out a scanned in picture.

anyway, this is Boredom! yay! It was originally drawn on notebook paper, but i really liked it, so i scanned it in and finished it up in Photoshop. This took me a surprisingly short amount of time to finish! of course, all i had to do was ink out the original scan, then colour it, but still! over all, this piece took me about two hours.

And about the quote... you see, Boredom is the Elemental of inspiration. She runs around slapping people with the Glove of Inspiration (shown in the picture), and thus well, inspiring them! But she, being the sadistic little person she is, can't just be nice and give it to you under nice circumstances, oh no, she gives it to you in the WORST of circumstances! like when you're in the car and you all of a sudden you run out of lead or you pencil breaks. THAT'S when you'll get inspiration! WHEN YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT. or when you're working on one story, and she gives you inspiration for a different story entrirely!

That's Boredom for you.

Don't forget to click on it to see it in full view!

Durithyll - Pocket Full of Sunshine                                November 28, 2008

yes, her head is too big. no, i'm not going to fix it. why? because i'm LAZY.

This is an older piece. Actually, it was my first Photoshop piece! i finished it a while back and had it posted on CrazedMind. I just never had the time to get around to editing it, and posting it on here till now.

This is probably one of my favourite pieces yet. Probably because almost all of it was done by hand! er-- brush. The fancy grass brushes are nice and all, but i've never really liked using them. But i am WAY too lazy to actually do all the grass by hand! so, whatever, my problem.

the name of the piece comes from the fact that i had this song playing on repeat while i was drawing it! I have no idea when i actually finished it, so i'm just using the date i published it here.

drawn and coloured in Photoshop.

Roake                                                                          November 26, 2008

It's Roake! And he's sitting on grass! And while yes, i did have a fancy paint brush to do the grass with, it was still a frikken pain! oi...

anyway, over all, i like this piece. despite the lack of detail and other slight errors, i still like it. It's always fun to do Roake! I don't have much to say about this piece other than... It's Roake! and now that it's over with, i should probably get started on the Thanksgiving banner that i may or may not do...

drawn and coloured in Photoshop.

Famine                                                                        November 7, 2008

This is a zoom up of the banner i did of Famine for the site! you couldn't really see a lot of detail from the banner, but if i was going to bust my butt working on the hair detail, i want people to see it!! so uh yeah, there's Famine! in all her sadistic glory!

Scanned, then inked and coloured in Photoshop.