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I'm still in the process of transferring the ECP's from CrazedMind, but everything should be up here eventually!

11/7/2008 11:08:02 am

*You're an idiot expression*


Tiku: And no one else?

Mowo: Hm? OH! Yeah, them too... heh heh...

Nata: *Surprised look alongside Tiku* Hello? What have we here?


Tiku: *Nearly laughs self to death*

Nata: We never said you did...

Mowo: *turns 3 shades of red and runs*

Kete: *Stares after Mowo* ... Mowo has a crush on Jacob? Does she? I think she does... wait... hang on... *Looks from screen to where Mowo was* ... Oh my gosh she does!

11/7/2008 11:08:37 am

Durithyll: oh ho ho! do i sense a love conflict on the horizon?

Daiyori: a love conflict?

Durithyll: heck yes! (says in a "woeful dramatics" voice) seperated by dimensions, their love shall never be! but they love each other ever the same... (jumps back into normal, bouncy voice) now THAT'S a love conflict!!

11/7/2008 11:09:09 am

Nata: So... Jacob likes her back?


Nata: And he was the one giving you such a hard time when that real-worlder had a crush on you... oh what was it...

Tiku: Shannon?

Nata: I think... anyways--

Tiku: And he calls ME pathetic??? HE... LIKES... MOWO!!!!!

Nata: That's hilarious... HEY MOWO! C'mere a sec!!!

11/7/2008 11:09:43 am

Durithyll: aw!! that's so sweet!! hey jacob, come here!!

jacob: you guys are all jerks!!

Durithyll: oh, come on--

Jacob: no! i'm serious, all right!? i may not have a problem with you guys poking fun --i sorta had it coming-- but what about Mowo?

Durithyll: fine, i'll tone it down, ("buuuuut only for now") but can you at least answer us this? do you--

jacob: --like mowo? yes.


Durithyll: SQUEEEEEE!! (glomps jacob) THAT'S SO SWEET!!

11/7/2008 11:11:47 am

Jacob: Will you leave me alone!? I have better things to do than sit here and listen to your obnoxious conversations!!

Durithyll: are you calling me obnoxious!?


(everyone silences as jacob's smoldering remains... smolder.)

Daiyori: oh... my gosh.

Raoke: jacob just got zapped...

Daiyori: AH HA! SO YOU'RE NOT IMPERVIOUS!! this is amazing! normaly, i MIGHT feel kinda bad, but he SOOOOO had it coming with--


Roake: and you soooo had that coming...

Boredom: (slips in) hey guys, yeah i know, haven't been here in forever -- why are their TWO smoldering pile of ashes! i thought only Daiyori got zapped.

Roake: about that--

Boredom: Durithyll. you didn't.

Durithyll: didn't what?

Boredom: you didn't chop Daiyori in half, and THEN zapp him, did you?

Durithyll: what!? of course not!

Boredom: (snaps her fingers)

Daiyori: (suddnely appears)

Boredom: wait... he's not in two pieces... and they're is still an extra pile of ashes...

Daiyori: Boredom? what? why am i-- Roake!

Roake: (is developing a headache) whaaat?

Daiyori: what's going on?

Roake: after durithyll zapped you. Boredom showed up, then got confused at the sight of TWO piles of ashes.

Daiyori: oh. and?

Roake: she thought Durithyll chopped you in half and then zapped you.

Daiyori: WHAT!? why can't people ever believe that i'm not the ONLY one who gets zapped around here?

Roake: because you ARE the only one?

Daiyori obviously not--

Boredom: you zapped JACOB!? of all people, why JACOB!!

Durithyll: what!? just stop talking for a minute, ok? can we pick up this conversation in the NEXT comment? this one is getting ridiculously long!

Boredom: uh, no!

Durithyll: bye!

11/7/2008 11:13:47 am


Nata: Aw! Don't you two just make the cutest little couple!

Mowo: SHUT UP!

Nata: But don't you like him?

Mowo: SHUT UP!

------LOOK A TIME GAP!------

Julieanna: *Walks in* Hey, guys. What's--

(Nata and Mowo are screaming, clawing, biting, shredding, obnoxious, non-too-happy heap rolling across floor...)

Julieanna: Um...

Tiku: Mowo has a crush on Jacob and we just found out he likes her back...

Julieanna: OH MY GOSH!!! *Scoops up Mowo, who is still trying to kill Nata, and hugs to death* That is so cute!

11/7/2008 11:14:20 am

Durithyll: (is hanging around Jacob's neck) aint it!? hey... this is the first pairing we've had!!

11/7/2008 11:15:24 am

Livi: Oh my gosh it is! They are SOOOOOOOOO cute together!!!!

Julieanna: When did all this happen?

Tiku: Duirthyll and Kete are talking... about us... never a good sign...

Julieanna: Ah...

Livi: I noticed you stopped making fun of Mowo?

Tiku: For now... I really don't fancy fight another girl on "Blind Fury"...

Livi: Ah, right, that'd be like the 3rd time, right?

Tiku: You're still typing...


11/7/2008 11:17:38 am

Not cool you guys. I was making websites before it was cool, and you people stole my idea and my site.

But you guys have awesome sites anyway.

PS: Livi go make me a cookie

11/7/2008 11:18:11 am

...we stole your site? im sorry, but i'm confused...

Daiyori: she's always confused.

But thanks for calling my site awesome! it means a lot to me!

11/7/2008 11:18:42 am

(Is not making Drogan a cookie)

Drogan was the first to make a site, so I made a site and then you guys made a site and it spiraled into alllllllll this mess...

That's what she means by "stole"

11/7/2008 11:21:00 am

Durithyll: gotcha!! Ok! got it! affirmative! understood!

(Roake, Daiyori, and Jacob are all sitting on the floor behind the couch. the laptop sits on a low-rising table in front of the couch)

Daiyori: (whispers) how long is she going to keep doing that?

Durithyll: comprehended! Interpreted correctly!

Roake: (whispers) no idea...

Durithyll: no questions! acknowledged!

Jacob: (whispers) why are we whispering? it doesn't make a difference, it's all still typed down.

Roake: (whispers) Durithyll doesn't TYPE into her comments and e-mails, she has a mic on the side of her laptop that picks up what she says and types it up for her.

Jacob: (whispers) ooooooh... gotcha... than i guess that it picks up on tone and stuff, so that when it's quiet, it adds a "whisper"?

Roake: (whispers) exactly.

Jacob: cool... than how does it know what we're doing? like, it says "jumps up and down" or "throws Daiyori out the window".

Daiyori: (whispers) hey!

Roake: (whispers) maybe it has a camera which picks up a visual?

Jacob: (whispers) oh...thats creepy...

Roake: (whispers) yeeeah... (pokes head around the side of couch to look over at the computer wearily)

Jacob: (whispers) hey, can you see the laptops screen clearly from here?

Roake: (whispers) not if i don't move. hang on a sec... (gets up and discreetly moves from behind the couch to get a better look at the screen and not get seen by Durithyll, who is still praddling) crr-rap... ("crap")

Jacob: (whispers) what?

Roake: (moves back to behind the couch)(whispers) it picked up the entire conversation.

Jacob: oh. crap. hey, where's Daiyori?

Roake: (looks around slightly worried) dunno.

Roake and Jacob: (turn to each other and say at same time)(whispers) you don't think...

Roake and Jacob: (look over the back of the couch in order to see the computer)

Jacob: (whispers) did it eat him!?

Roake: (whispers) no! ...i don't think...

Roake and Jaocb: (sit down quickly, thus obscuring them from the computers view)

Jacob: (whispers) you don't think!?

Roake: (whispers) no, ok! how, or WHY would it?

Jacob: (whispers) maybe because it knows we're onto it!

Roake: (whispers) that's stupid. wait... is it recording or actions from BEHIND the couch?

Jacob: (whispers) how could it! we're behind the couch...

Roake and Jacob: (turn to face the inconveniently placed mirror that is directly behind the couch and at an angle, thus giving the computer a full view of Roake and Jacob)

Jacob: (whispers) crap! it's gonna eat us!!

11/7/2008 12:25:23 pm

Livi: Aw, but it's funny!

Mowo: (Waves paw in front of camera) No... have to disagree on that one...

Nata: Disagree? Nice word Mowo, very good! (Claps paws sarcastically)

Mowo: (Glares at Nata)If I type in "Nata: (Dies)" will it happen?

Livi: (Scoops up Mowo and tosses to bed) yeah, oh my gosh, it's gonna eat all you just like poor Daiyori... (Sarcasm)

Nata: Tiku's hopeless then... (Tries to poke sleeping lump that happens to be Tiku)

Tiku: (Extends claws and shoves in Nata's face) Wake me and die...

Nata: Tell that to the computer...

Tiku: (Wakes up, claws Nata's tail, and looks at Durithyll's last post...) AW CRAP! WHY ARE THE COMPUTER'S GONNA EAT US?!


Nata: (In sarcastic lovey-dovey voice) Oh no! Whatever will become of poor JACOB???

Mowo: (Growls) I vote we sacrifice Nata and see what happens...

Tiku: Oh cool!

(Two run after a screaming Nata)

Livi: Duri... why are our peoples idiots? And what DID happen to Daiyori?

11/7/2008 12:27:07 pm

Durithyll: NOTHING happened to Daiyori. he probably just stepped out to get away from THESE idiot. who are STILL cowering behind the couch, i might add.

Jacob: hey!! we just don't want to get EATEN or anything!!

Roake: hmm... we really should move that mirror--

Jacob: gotcha!! (picks up the wrench he always has with him) fly, wrench, FLY!!

Roake: what!? (throws arms up in front of face reflexively)

(mirror shatters into hundreds of tiny fragments)

Jacob: (turns to Roake, smiling)

Roake: (just looks at him with a slight glare)

Jacob: what? i got rid of it, didn't i?

Roake: (shakes head in a i-cant-believe-im-siting-here-with-this-moron kind of manner)

Jacob: what?!

Durithyll: uuuh... guys?

Roake: (pokes head over top of couch) what?

Durithyll: (jumps behind the couch with one huge flap of her wings; jacob and Roake scatter to avoid be landed on)

Jacob: (slowly stands up) what was that for--

Durithyll: (grabs Jacob's arm and pulls him back behind the couch) shh! look at the computer screen!!

jacob: wha? (looks over the top of the couch to see the screen) oh sh--

Durithyll: and don't cuss!!

Jacob: whatever, but how can the computer still write down what we're doing?! it can't see us!! hang on a sec... (hunkers down behind the couch as far as possible and starts playing rock-paper-scissors with himself)

Roake: (looks over the top of the couch)
...It recorded you, Jacob...

Jacob: what!? how!? there is no WAY it could POSSIBLE see me!!

Durithyll: unless it's...

Jacob: --haunted. crap!! why does this have to happen to US!? what did WE ever do deserve a psycopathic, homicidal, RESIDENT-EATING LAPTOP!?

11/7/2008 12:29:20 pm

"And don't cuss!" he has a bit of a problem with that... and thank you, now MY residents are hiding under the bed--

Julieanna: I'm still sane, thank you.

Livi: Whatever. Tiku, Mowo, and Nata are hiding under my bed now, scared my computer's gonna turn traitor and eat them.

Mowo(from under bed): Well Durithyll's ate Daiyori! Poor guy, he gets into so much trouble...

Nata(also under bed): And Jacob--OW!!!


Nata: (Shuts up)

Tiku(under bed, but wisely on opposite end of feuding girls): Question?

Livi: Yeah?

Tiku: Where is Boredom during all this?

Livi: Wisely far far away from the pack of idiots we dared to dream up...

Mowo: Or she got eaten!

Kete: She was never IN the postings...

Mowo: Maybe she and Daiyori are conspiring against everybody!

Nata: That actually makes sense--

Livi: No it doesn't! Boredom hasn't been in this posting!

Nata: No, but I think--

Livi: She's slightly sadistic and Daiyori ain't too fond of Durithyll but they wouldn't do tha--

Nata: Boredom likes Daiyori!!!


Nata: No, think about it... how did she first meet them?

Mowo: She un-zapped Daiyori...

Nata: Right. Why?

Mowo: OH MY GOSH!!! SHE--

Livi: I'm cutting you morons off before Durithyll kills me... Duri, tell 'em they're idiots!!!

11/7/2008 12:31:52 pm

Durithyll: they're idiots!! they're idiots!! (yells at the roof) see, Boredom? we don't think you like Daiyori!! think you could... uh, give us a helping hand here? please?

Roake: she's probably thinking that this is the funniest thing EVER. you know her, always trying to do something to keep her from boredom...

jacob: (throwing glass shards from the mirror at the laptop... and sorely missing every time... and getting very angry) you stupid... psychopathic... homicidal... jerkish... idiotic... retarded... RESIDENT-EATING MASS OF WIRES AND CIRCUIT BOARDS!! I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID CRAP LAPTOP!! YOU'RE UGLY AND DISGUSTING!! and... FAT!!

Jacob: (panting heavily from throwing glass and screaming rather enthusiastically)

(groups silence)

Durithyll: feeling better there, big guy?

Jacob: (sits down next Roake) shut up.

(a happy, male voice comes from the direction of the computer)

++Hello? testing... testing...1,2,3... hey! this is fun! ok, can you guys here me? Hello? Heeelloooooooo!++

(no one says a word or moves a muscle for about two minutes)

Jacob and Durithyll: (slowly turn to face Roake who is sitting between them)

Roake: (looks awkwardly between them) uh... can i help you?

Jacob: what!? yes, as a matter of fact!! make him spit out Daiyori!! you know what? never mind! i can't wait that long! (jumps over the top of the couch)

Roake: what? no!! you idiot! get back here!!

Durithyll: jacob! get-- GRRR! fine! (flies over the top of couch and grabs Jacob around the waist.)

Jacob: hey! what're you--

Durithyll: saving your life! now shut up! (tosses him back over the top of the couch)

(groups silences as jacob hits the floor behind the couch)

Jacob: Durithyll... next time -- wait, where's Durithyll?

Roake: no... (looks over the top of the couch to find no trace of Durithyll)

jacob: no!! why would you do that!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?(slides down the back of the couch)why... why would she do that? (punches the floor) frag it all!!

Roake: (places a hand on Jacob's shoulder) it's ok... we're going to make it out of this.

Jacob: (brushes his hand away) how can you say that!? that stupid LAPTOP --a LAPTOP of all things!-- has just EATEN Daiyori and Durithyll!! and you're saying, "It's ok"!?

Roake: Jacob! calm down! your recklessness is what got Durithyll out there in the first place!! so calm down, and let's find a way through this!

Jacob: (is taken back, and looks almost hurt) ...right. since we're thinking optimistically... when we get out of this, think we can order pizza? i am NOT dealing with chinese food.

Roake: heh... sure.

11/7/2008 12:33:49 pm

Mowo: How did you just say that? The computer ate you!!!


Julieanna: Then where is she?

Livi: (O-m-g-you-idiot look) Aw, man, not you too?

Julieanna: (Avoids eye contact) No, I was just wondering where she is?

Nata: I think Boredom ate them!

Tiku: Be honest, are you TRYING to get killed???

Nata: Not killed... zapped or eaten.

Tiku: Whaaaaaaa?


Nata: SHUT UP NO I HAVEN'T!!! Both things are impossible, so i want to have one done to me and see what happens.

Livi: Where've you been the past year? YOU DIE! THAT'S what happpens!

Nata: And they come back?

Kete: Duh.

Nata: What about being eaten by the laptop!?


Mowo: (In mysterious voice) Non-believers shall be the first to go...

Livi: Oh, yeah, lemme tell ya bout it...

11/7/2008 12:35:24 pm

Jacob: see? so Durithyll DIDN'T get eaten because of me!! it was because (dramatic voice-over) she didn't belieeeeeve...

Roake: please, jacob.

Jacob: what!? YOU said think optimistically!!

Roake: yes, but still REALISTICALLY.

Jacob: hey! there is NOTHING realistic about opti--

++Can you guys hear me now? it was a pain rewriting the code for this... testing, testing...++

(group silence)

Jacob: ...uh... should we respond this time?

Roake: (doesn't stand up) uh, hello?

++oh good! you CAN hear me!! and, to add to your previous conversation, the first to die after the non-believer is ALWAYS the comic relief guy!++

Roake: (looks over to Jacob) ...i think he means you.

Jacob: WHAT!? ME!? and when did we start assigning genders to homicidal computers!?

++actually, homicidal is the term used when killing a human being.++

Jacob: psychopathic, than!! does THAT work for you!?


Jacob: you--

Roake: Jacob!! will you shut up!?

Jacob: he -- it started it!!

Roake: Jacob!!

Jacob: fine!! (relaxes slightly against the back of the chair)

Roake: ok, thank you. (turns to the computer with out standing up) so, um... may i stand up and address you, or would that be dangerous for myself?

++You're... Roake, right?++

Roake: yes. yes i am.

++Than yes you may. i always like to be able see the people i'm talking to. it's much more friendly that way!++

Roake: uh, yes it is. (sticks hand up above the couch and holds it there)

++What are you doing?++

Roake: (moves it down) oh, nothing.

++I said you'd be alright.++

Roake: uh, right. (stands up) ok, this is--

(blinding flash)

(and Roake is gone)

Jacob: (slowly opens eyes) you have GOT to be kidding me!!

11/7/2008 12:37:22 pm

(group silence)

Mowo: HA! Look me dead in the eyes and tell me that computer didn't just eat Roake!!!

Livi (whispering): It ate Roake... Roake always SOLVES the problem... and he got eaten...

Mowo: And that leaves Jacob to be the hero! Yay!

Nata: Or he could get eaten as well and they'll all be dependent on Boredom...


Nata: Says you...

Julieanna: How's she going to fix this?

Livi: Dunno... wait-- TIKU???

Tiku: What?

Livi: You scared me...

Tiku: Our computer's fine...

Nata: I know. Thank heavens we don't live with Durithyll...

Livi: That was mean... she didn't do that!

Nata: Do what?

Livi: Get herself eaten!

Nata: It's HER reality!!!

Tiku: Yup, a sadistic, wump-lover's reality...


11/7/2008 12:38:22 pm

A/N: oh ye of little faith... and yes, Jacob's rambling... a lot.

Jacob: what!? NO!! you can't eat ROAKE!! How am i supposed to fix this!? HE'S the one fixes the people problems!! or in this case, HOMICIDAL LAPTOP PROBLEMS!!

++sigh... i TOLD you, i'm NOT homicidal! last I checked, you and the others AREN'T human.++

Jacob: FINE!! PSYCOPATHIC!! (deep breath)
ok, jacob, THINK. Roake always thinks this kind of stuff through, so that's what you're going to do! ok, so... um... where to start? ok! let's see... uh... what have been the, uh, common threads here? that's probably something Roake would do, find the common threads... ok, Durithyll and Daiyori both vanished... gone... without a trace... but Roake... Roake had a really big flash...

Jacob: so let's start there! where did the flash seem to originate from? uh. it's a flash. it's hard to tell with something like that. then don't linger on that... move on to the next question... which is... why? why bother having a flash in the first place?! to hide something? to make me waste time asking questions? probably not. it's NEVER that easy...

Jacob: of course it's not that easy!! IT'S NEVER THAT FRIKKEN EASY!! EVER!! (punches the floor) CALM DOWN!!

++I don't think YELLING at yourself to calm down, is going to actually MAKE you calm down...++

Jacob: and you shut up!! I'm trying to think here!! (hits the back of the couch with his back) oh who am i kidding? this isn't going to work... i don't work well in these kind of situations!! you give me a car, now THAT'S a different story! but this... this i can't do...

Jacob: (pauses for a moment) cue Durithyll saying, "now you sound like McKay, just before he saves the expedition's collective as-- i mean tails". see? i can't even quote Duri right... that's Daiyori's job...

Jacob: well they're not here right now! and it's up to YOU to save the day! not Roake! and definitely not some arrogant SOB from a TV show! so uh... let's see... how AM i going to fix this?

++I've been trying to figure that out myself.++

Jacob: will you SHUT UP!?

++No. i need to break up your rambling somehow. it looks really bad on my monitor with it all bunched together like this.++

Jacob: (just sits there for a moment, mouth agape) ...what!? I'M here trying to SAVE my friend's LIVES, and YOUR only concern is that my rambling LOOKS BAD!?

++Hey, YOU'RE the one who said i was psychopathic.++

Jacob: so you're agreeing with me!? you're not supposed to do that!

++I'm not supposed to take bribes and "eat" people either am i?

Jacob: wait, bribes?

11/21/2008 06:53:05 am


Tiku: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! That's hilarious!!!!


Livi: Will you guys SHUT UP!!!!!! If Boredom DID do it, then she'll save them all...

Nata, Tiku, and Mowo: *are-you-insane-? expression*

Livi: Yeah, okay, bad theory...

(All at once)


Nata: This doesn't make any sense! How could Boredom BRIBE a COMPUTER??? How did it eat everyone??? Computer's don't eat!!!

Tiku: Dude, this is so crazy AWESOME!!!! Boredom's gone INSANE!!!!!! That is SOOOOO cool!!!! A phycopathic computer? How did she come up with that????

(after listening to noise a while)

Julieanna: SHUT UP!!!!!

(group silence as Livi's cell rings)

Mowo: (Answers phone) Hello? HI!!! Oh my gosh, you would not believe what-- ... huh?... Oh, cool! Yeah, have you seen--... I know!... uh-huh....

Livi: Who is it?

Mowo: Artist Block. She's been reading the updates and thinks Boredom's a genius!

Livi: WHAT??? She's on HER side???

Julieanna: I take it we're getting no help from the elementals...

Livi: Yeah, not really...

11/21/2008 06:58:08 am

++Who's Artist Block?++

Jacob: whoa whoa wait, I am asking questions here!! ok? what about bribes?

++What? i never said that.++

jacob: WHAT!? yes you did!!

++I don't know what you're talking about.++

jacob: oh come on!! i'm getting a lead and you have to be obnoxious about it!!

++I'm not obnoxious.++

Jacob: excuse me, HOMICIDAL!!

++i'm NOT homi--++

Jacob: PSYCHOPATHIC!! WHATEVER!! now what about bribes?

++This is so anticlimactic...++

jacob: hey! at this point, i LIKE anticlimactic!! now what about the bribes?

++sigh... obviously i was bribed.++

Jacob: yeah, and how does that work? you're like a computer or something.

++Not all bribery involves money.++

Jacob: whatever. so who... Boredom. It was Boredom wasn't it. I KNEW IT!! the sadistic little bi--

++DON'T CUSS!!++

Jacob: ...D? that you?

++Oh. sorry about that... she can be rather... headstrong.++

Jacob: she's alive? are they all alive?

++of course. protect the innocent and all...++

Jacob: (relaxes into the back of the couch) oh good... thank God... (sits up again, but still behind the couch of course) so... what did Boredom give you in return for this sadistic little... thing.

++How do you know Boredom?++

Jacob: so i'm right!!

++i never said that. how do know her?++

Jacob: she comes by here from time-to-time. ok, can we STOP chit-chatting and get my friends back?!

++Hmm... not sure... apparently i'm psychopathic. mentally unstable and what not.++

jacob: WHAT!? ok, now this is too much!! you WILL give me back friends!! NOW!! if i have to--


Jacob: --i will rip out every circuit, and every wire -- wait. "ok"?

++Sure! i've done my job, Boredom will give me the information i need to finish my case--++

Jacob: --so i WAS right!! IT WAS BOREDOM!! you little liar!!

++I never denied it. i just never confirmed it++

Jacob: uh... what?

++never mind! anyway, three Residents...++


(everyone's back)

Durithyll: (blink blink) that was... strange...

Boredom: (slips in) ha ha!! that was hilarious!!

Jacob: Boredom!! you--

Boredom: love you too Jacob. i can't believe you guys actually thought the COMPUTER was going to eat you!!

Jacob: what!? but...

Boredom: please. i just slipped everyone out systematically.

jacob: but...

Boredom: no one was watching Durithyll or Daiyori, so i didn't need to conceal the slips.

Jacob: but...

Roake: (pats Jacob on the back; talking kinda fast) but, you were watching me so she had Zatannii build up and release a huge flash through the computer screen so Boredom could get me out without giving herself up.

Jacob: (sits down slowly) i'm so cunfused... who's Zatannii?

++Yours Truly!++

Jacob: (yells at Zatannii without getting up) i REFUSE to talk to you!! and YOU!! (points at Boredom) are a sadistic little bi--

Durithyll: i SAID don't cuss!!

Boredom: still, you guys are all pathetic, just so you know...

Jacob: so this was just a way for you to pass your time?

Boredom: what else would it be?

Jacob: i hate you... so much...

++So? what now?++

11/21/2008 07:00:43 am

Mowo: YAY!!!!! JACOB'S NOT DEAD!!!!

Nata (Finally on bed and out from under it): I knew it was Boredom. I'm so smart.

Tiku: So, it's over?

Livi: Yup, pretty much.

Julieanna: Thank goodness...

Tiku: But that's BOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

Mowo: No, it's not! Jacob didn't get eaten! YAY!

Nata: NONE of them got eaten. I TOLD you guys, computers don't eat!

Mowo: Fine then. "Slipped out systematically"... Happy?

Nata: Sorta... now I'm kinda bored...

Julieanna: Hang on... where's Livi?

Kete: Right here.

Julieanna: Not you... Your "twin" as she dared to call it.

Kete: Probably out being stupid Obsessive Fangirl...

Mowo: It's not stupid! I wish I was Obsessive Fangirl...

Nata: It IS stupid... reading that fic is what made me quote that retarded jester!

Mowo: Dimentio?

Nata: Yeah, him too...

Tiku: I thought it was watching me play Super Paper Mario for 57 straight hours...

Nata: Yeah, that might have been some of it...

Mowo: YAY!!! (glomps Nata) YOU'RE GONNA BE A FANGIRL!!!

Nata: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! NONONONONONONONONO!!! I don't even GET the stupid game!!! I just quoted it because you IDIOTS have it STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!

Mowo: Well, if you're gonna quote it, you might as well understand it...

Tiku: I like that plan!

Julieanna: What will Livi think when she comes home to a super-paper-mario-high Nata?

Mowo: I dunno... (Looks at Nata, who she is still hugging to death)

Tiku: Well, let's find out! (Runs for Game Room)

Mowo: YAY! (Runs after Tiku, dragging Nata)

Nata: NO!!! ACK!!! DAIYORI HELP!!!

Kete: (after they're long gone) Daiyori?

Julieanna: The only other one that refuses to get it...

Kete: Get what?

Julieanna: Just... understanding the Mario games in general...

Kete: Ah...


Mowo: (Also in game room) I KNOW, IN'NIT GREAT????

Kete: ... poor Nata...

Julieanna: This'll be intresting...

Artist Block
11/21/2008 07:01:32 am

Nice job Boredom... you actually managed something interesting for once...

Imagination: Oh, cool! That was awesome!

Artistic: tch... nice Boredom... very clever...

Artist Block: I actually liked it... I just might let yesterday slip, what with you inspiring MY victims and all...

11/21/2008 07:02:09 am

Boredom: (takes a dramatic bow) thank you. and for the record, i only do good work.

you, one the other hand, don't seem to do... much of anything... except sucking the inspiration out of Jack, that is, but so far as actually scheming goes (does a mock shrug) tch, sorry but, you lose.

unless of course you want to try and fix that (evil, sadistic grin).

11/21/2008 07:02:31 am

Durithyll: Boredom... what are you doing?

11/21/2008 07:02:51 am

don't worry, just seeing if i can satiate my boredom. don't get me wrong, you guys were very entertaining, but now i'm curious...

Artist Block
11/21/2008 07:04:13 am

Excuse me? Was that a challenge?

Artistic: Hey, don't you two get into trouble agai--

Artist Block: (Clamps hand over Artistic's mouth) What did you have in mind? A competition of some sort? I believe we can work that out--

Imagination: Are you sure that's such a good idea?

(Some sort of weird rainbow, lightning... thing...)

Imagination: (On the ground now... just got drained!) Ooooowwww...


Artistic: Ab... (Takes a few steps back) ya might want to chill out...

AB: You stay out of it... (Starts gnawing on a random skinny paintbrush) And Boredom... you had something to say?

12/14/2008 05:07:16 am


Kete: She's not evil... they're just being their usual selves while the creators take things WAY too seriously and ensue another epic comment postings--


Julieanna: Livi! We have a real problem here!

Livi: (Confused look) We do?

Julieanna: Yes, we do! That's not like AB to act that way and you know it!

Livi: Yeah... I guess it is a little odd...

Julieanna: A LITTLE odd? She drained her BEST FRIEND!!!

Livi: Whatever! She drains me as much as Boredom slaps Durithyll! She drains everyone! It's her JOB!!!

Kete: WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Didn't you guys say there was a reason she couldn't directly drain Boredom?

Julieanna: Oh...

Livi: ...Crap...

Kete: So, that's lovely! Just peachy! Boredom has driven Artist Block to use her powers on other elementals...

Livi: Maybe it doesn't work with them... I mean... we're still here and all... they're such close friends, maybe it won't affect them much...

Julieanna: But how long until Boredom and Artist Block take things too far and hurt EACH OTHER???

Livi: Yeah, we're dead...

Kete: Well, aren't you two just rays of sunshine?

12/14/2008 05:08:11 am

Durithyll: crap!! imagination just DIED!!

++well now. that could be a problem.++

Daiyori: that COULD be a problem!? hello!! what if the world explodes or something!?

++hm... that would ruin my entire week!++

Daiyori: wha?

Jacob: what are you doing here anyway? go away!

Durithyll: Jacob, be nice. Daiyori, stop spazzing.

but seriously! what's going on!? we can't have Boredom and Artist Block getting into a fight!! the world could explode!!

12/14/2008 05:08:31 am

Boredom: as matter of fact, i am challenging you. that is unless, you're to chicken.

Artist Block
12/14/2008 05:10:00 am

Oh, that's it--

Artistic: (helping Imagination up) AB! CALM DOWN! You let her get through to you and you two are going to get in big trouble!

AB: (Gives him a "look") It's us... we ARE trouble...

Artistic: You know what I mean. Remember the last time Boredom challenged you?

AB: Yes, I was stupid and didn't jump on the chance to rip her to shreds.

Artistic: AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO! If either of you touches the other--

AB: Oh, I'll do more than touch her...

Artistic: Ab, you two are taking this WAY too far! Boredom got "got" last time! What if you two get in over your heads? What if the universe explodes?

AB: If it means getting rid of her... fine by me...

Artistic: And getting rid of everything else with her?

AB: (turns back to screen) As for you Boredom--

Artistic: AB, DON'T--

--BAM-- (Another rainbow lightning)

(Artistic is now officially drained)

AB: You're next...

(Another lighting burst and screams from Artistic and Imagination)

AB: Catch me if you can... (slips out)

12/14/2008 05:10:23 am

12/14/2008 05:11:00 am

Livi: Oi vea...

Julieanna: Dramatic enough for you?


Julieanna: You didn't?

Livi: NO! You can't CREATE elementls! You can discover them and call them yours, but you don't make them!!!

Julieanna: So? You're the creato--


Julieanna: Well, there has to be SOME way to stop them! THEY'RE GONNA BLOW UP THE UNIVERSE!!!

Livi: (fangirlish smile) blow up... hahaha... Dimentio blows stuff up...

Julieanna: LIVI!!!

Livi: Alright alright! What do you expect ME to do????

Julieanna: It's YOUR reality! YOU and your friends made "here"

Livi: So ask Durithyll! She's delt with this before!!!

Julieanna: sigh... it's better than asking you... Durithyll?

12/14/2008 05:11:59 am

what do you mean i've dealt with this before!? look at what happened last time!!

jacob: we got her back though...

Durithyll: yeah, after four weeks!! i don't know how to fix this!! ROAKE!!

Roake: what!? you EXPECT me to fix it!? i haven't been doing to good lately!! in case you haven't noticed!!

Durithyll: you're point?

Roake: my point!? hey, you used the same defense!!

Durithyll: so!?

Roake: so why can't i use it!? it got them off your case!!

Durithyll: becuase!!

Roake: because why!?

Durithyll: because because!!

Roake: well that's brilliant!!

Jacob: can someone just do something?! getting your entire universe blown up is going to hurt!!

++actually, you probably wouldn't feel a thing. you'd just suddenly cease to exist.++

(group silence)

Jacob: (whispers to durithyll) why is he still here? he seriously creeps me out...

12/14/2008 05:12:30 am

now we're talking!! (slips out)

4/27/2009 02:25:40 pm


6/20/2009 01:58:29 am

Zazie: ... (reading old posts) ...what the h***?! Oi! Matt! C'mere and read this!

Matthias: *poof* What?

Zazie: Read these!

(both read old posts)

Matthias: (still half asleep) ...so?!

Zazie: These people are nuttier (is that a word?) than us! I mean really...*SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP*

Mika: HEY! No talking bad about my friend!

Zazie: (in pain, but still standing) YOUR FRIENDS ARE NUTS....


Mika: (growls like wildcat, then yowls angrily) SHUT UP! And STAY down!

Matthias: Hell hath no wrath like Mika when she goes on a rampage...(Mika is Mikayla, only in character form)

7/2/2009 05:57:23 am

Hey good job with the site. Remember me! I have a new site now check it out


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