yo! this is where all the Epic Comment Postings will be! in case you don't know, an ECP is this crazy story written out by me and Livi at random! one of us will post a random comment, the other will respond, and eventually, an Epic Comment Posting will pop up! yay spontaneous insanity!!

I'm still in the process of transferring the ECP's from CrazedMind, but everything should be up here eventually!


    Gasp!! a love story? IN HERE?! awww, how sweet!! also the first pairing that we've had!

    -When Durithyll's laptop goes psycho, the residents get picked off one by one! leaving jacob to fix the problem! can he do it? or is he doomed to get eaten by a homicidal, psycopathic, resident-eating computer!? well, we can't KILL one of the Residents... but still! dramatic epicness!!

    It seems that Boredom just can't leave well enough alone. So when she challenges Artist Block, both contestants run off! what is going on!? And is this going to end just as badly as the last time Boredom did something half-cocked? or possibly even worse? not mention that one of Livi's characters turns out to have been  an Elemental all along!

    -When Annoyance shows up at Livi's place with a Dragon, well, we begin to see that her name just may be an understatement. Especially seeing as how she's trying convince Livi to keep the thing!

    In Progress:

    -When young Matsudai gets the impression that Livi is angry with him, he disappears without a trace. Now Livi's Crew and the Residents must go out and find him before disaster strikes! but it seems that they're already in too far over their head. The danger that surpasses all that they've come across is just beyond the horizon. A danger more personal then they could ever imagine.


    November 2008

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