As some of you may know, the Residents originally started out as a group of characters that were only used in my e-mails with Livi. Here, i have posted some chain e-mails and complied them into "issues." I will not be posting ALL of the e-mails, just the ones i thought that i just couldn't live without! So hear ya go, and enjoy!

And for some random side notes:

-most of these titles were taken from the subject line of the e-mails!
-I'll also may have an Author's Note (A/N) before an issue. These were not originally in the e-mails, i've just added them now.
-In the beginning of these e-mails, Daiyori didn't have a name! Hence the "Nameless."

Issue 4 - Spazzocity Kills

A/N: yes, as a matter of fact that is a word! not really, i'm just making it one. It's the redundant noun form of the word s"spazz." Like this: "insane" is to "insanity", as "spazz" is to "spazzocity."

Alright! 3 things that have being of awesomeness!

1. I have just had the defeating of the one who is Cackeletta!
3. How did you have getting in the mood of Kamekness that you previosly had speaking of?

Durithyll: OH MY FLIPPEN GOSH!!! SHE UPDATED!!!! (starts hyperventilating) ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.......


Durithyll: yeah! i gotta go read.....(runs around stumbling into furniture)

Nameless: (heavy sigh) you were just at the computer.... why did you get up?

Durithyll: right.... (runs down stairs to computer when she was already at the one upstairs)

Nameless: (taps with tale on key-board) how do you use this infernal thing !?!

Roake: helps if you have hands. arms are a bonus though!!

Nameless: (glares daggers) i hate you... so... much....

Roake: yeah, yeah.

Dear Livi, Don't worry! Durithyll will be back to normal (nameless: well as close as she can get....) in no time! as soon as she reads the update she'll be back to non-violent spazzing! really!



PS: we have NO idea where the transition from fawful mood to kamek came from!

Guys quick! While Durithyll's spazzing (and NOT LOOKING), hack onto her files and mess up her HardDrive!

Durithyll, 1. Sorry, they need some fun... 2. Why DID you run downstairs when you were already upstairs?

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, I'm siding with Nameless during all this...(except for few occasions when he's wrong)

P.S.S. On super mario galaxy last brother found a galaxy that looks like a haunted mansion! He went through the the the final room...was...

LUIGI!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I don't think I had EVER screamed that loud!!!!


Durithyll: Hey! heyheyheyheyHEY!!! Guess what i got a flippen laptop seriously it's a Dell Inspiron i have no idea how good that is but it's preeeeetty andandandandandandand.....

Nameless: speak already!!!

Durithyll: AND i got Avatar Season Two Box Set it's so preeeetty plus i got Super Mario DS yay happiness i lurve luigi and Kamek's in there too YAY!

Nameless: aw, crap. she spazzing again....

Durithyll: and i got three Stargate Atlantis books i cant wait to start reading them do you think that they make books for mario and luigi cuz that be rrreeeeeaaaaaally cool don't you think so?

Nameless: if she doesn't stop using run-on sentence i am going to gnaw through my own ears....

Roake: if you had any...

Nameless: don't start.

Durithyll: heyheyheyheyheyhey-- (gets jumped by nameless and tossed into a bag)

Nameless: Roake, get over here.

Roake: uh, isn't she going to zap you?

Nameless: puh-lease. her spaztic mind probably hasn't even registered the fact that she's in the bag. (grunts) now get over here!!

Roake: fine... sheesh.... if we get zapped--

Nameless: yeah yeah yeah. less talky, more draggy.

Roake: (mumbles under breath) so where are we dragging her?

Nameless: just down to the basement. she put all her stuff down there to hibernate.

Roake: ah. aw CRAP!!

(durithyll tumbles down the stairs)

Roake: (poke poke) is she ok? she not responding...

Nameless: aw yeah. she'll be fine.

Roake: are you sure?

Nameless: positive. you can't kill yourself in your own reality. not even Durithyll's that stupid.


Nameless: on second thought, you grab that end and i'll grab this end. there's a hospital twenty minutes away.

Durithyll? You better not be dead! I'll have no one to FanGirl Spaz with if you are!!!

Yeah...GUESS WHAT!!! For christmas I got:

Super Paper Mario (which kicks major butt!) and a CELL PHONE!!!! I have Ruru love as my background AND I figured out how to make my ringtone the theme to SuperStar Saga!

Are you having fun with Mario Party DS?

P.S. If you are dead, I'll come over there and kill Nameless and Roake for you...

P.S.S. You still haven't sent a review for my story!

P.S.S.S. Put some stuff on your DeviantArt page!

P.S.S.S.S. Mom said you will be able to spend the night really soon!!!! SQWEE!!!!!!


Durithyll: not dead! yay!! i am absolutely loving Mario Party!! I'm playing as Luigi (of course). one itty bitty question though.... in SsS (SuperStar Saga) hoe do i get to the the beanstar shard after the ship sinks in the oho ocean? i'm about to kill something.... seriously..... and another question..... how do i get the fat idiot koopas to move? they are really getting on my nerves.......

pssss: your mom said i can spend the night!!?!? SQQWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (hyperventilating) SQWEEEEEEEEE!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! fangirly sleep over filled with fangirly obsessions andandandandandandandandand--

Nameless: crap it! she's doing it again!!!

Roake: what do we do!? tie her up? knock her out? WHAT!?!

Nameless: wait... why don't we just slip out?

Roake: whaaaa

Nameless: seriously! we can just walk out the door and do whatever we want!!

Roake: but what about--

Nameless: Durithyll will pass out do to lack of air in a matter of minutes!!

Roake: hmm.....

Nameless: let's go!

Your annoyances are escaping...

Alright...SsS problems:

Turtle guys: You have to go to the Jellyfish sisters' relaxation room. The red one will teach you the firebrand bros. move. Use that to ram into the turtle guys!

Bean Star Shard: It is NOT in the ocean! Go to the nearest yellow pipe and return to the surface. Once there, you will see local islanders discussing "Hermie's newest addition to his decorative shell" (cough cough Star Shard cough cough) After the whole Jellyfish Sisters ordeal, look on a map. See the area shaded in purple near the top? Look around the island and play around with all the happening blocks you find. One will build a bridge to the purple area, where Hermie is. After defeating him in battle, the shard is yours! (My bro told me that. I'm still workin' on findin' Hermie. Why can't I just let stupid Peasly go get 'em? As long as someone gets all doesn't HAVE to be me!)

P.S.S.S.S.S.S. YES! MOMMY SAID YOU COULD SPEND THE NIGHT!!! This is gonna be SOOOOOO fun!!! I could let you play PiT if you like? Mom said that tomorrow is the most likely time! (The gamecube is in my room so we can play Luigi's Mansion all night long!!!!)

jelly fish sisters? islanders? by islanders do you mean oho jees? oi.... im duuuuuuumb..... NO COMMENTS!!!

i get back to playing and see where i get...

pssssss: you have got to get your mom to call my mom so we can get this set up!! seriously!!! cause that would be like, awesome!!!

By islanders, I mean...When you first get up there, there are some weirdos talking. NOT Oho Jees! (Those things get on my LAST nerves)

PSSSSS: (I lost many s's do I put?)YES! We totally gotta set this up! I'm workin' on it!

what?? ok. i look around. see where i get.

pssssss: i think it was 6 s's. oh! you do know that you'll have to tell me everything considering Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy, riiiiight?

Until you do the main game with Luigi (while you're still playing with Mario) Luigi will occasionally disapear from the star base. You have to go find and rescue him. Once you do, he will give you the power star he found. After defeating the game as Mario, you do it again as LUIGI!!!!!





Mowo: Durithyll, she's totally gonna kill you if you don't get this...

Durithyll: (says in very quiet voice) okie. pipe...pipe....................which pipe? to the left of the ship, the one that leads to oho oasis or.... a different one....?

When you IGNORED me earlier...I said "to the RIGHT of the ship!" oi Durithyll! You're getting on my nerves with this.

Bring the game when you come over...I'll try to help you then...

Until then...

Nameless is smart! Why don't you ask him? *devilish grin*

P.S. Mowo's right...I'm totally gonna kill you...I don't know how to make it any clearer...

Durithyll: hi Livii! i know what i did wrong!! what i thought was a door was actually the little pits where mario uses his fire...

Nameless: wait. fire? i thought you said that you were underwater?

Durithyll: are.

Nameless: but, how do you use fire underwater?

Durithyll: actually, you're playing in the oho ocean.

Nameless: What? you're still in the ocean.

Durithyll: the Oho Ocean is different.

Nameless: what? (loops tail over chest; his equivalent of crossing our arms) how?

Durithyll: well, the water in the Oho Ocean is different-- oh crap!!

Namless: don't change the subject--

Durithyll: no seriously!! crap!! i managed to get the uber hand powers and just got to the other part of the island!! i started saving it when, i wasn't paying attention so i turned it off early!!! aw crap!!

Nameless: Ha Ha!!

Issue 3 -

A/N: Very pointless issue, almost didn't post it! but the argument amused me! despite the fact that it's a bit OOC.


Durithyll: liiiiiiiviiiiiiii....... i need heeeeeeelp.........

nameless: ha. you haven't even had the game for a week and your already begging for advice. loser.

roake: you know, he does have a point.....

Durithyll: grr! your on his side!?! i thought you were supposed to be defending me!!

roake: but he's right...

nameless: (sticks out tongue) thanks roake! maybe your not a brown-nose after all!

roake: wait, you thought i was a brown nose? i am not!!

nameless: are you kidding me!? whenever there's a fight, your always siding with her!!

roake: am not!!

nameless: are to!!

roake: AM NOT!!! (jumps nameless)

Durithyll: (steps out of way of rolling ball that is roake and nameless)

nameless: brown-nosed kiss-up!!

roake: armless nazi!!

nameless: smelly fur-bag!!

(fighting and name calling continues)

Durithyll: back to Superstar Saga.... where do i get Super Hammers? cause i can't get to Tee Hee valley unless i get a super hammer to break the rock blocking the pass.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-shinaga..........

nameless: flea-bag!!

roake: slime-rag!!

Alright look...I completly and totally suck at that game so I should be crying to you for help!

Luckily for you...I have a brother that has gotten all the way to the final battle!(Bowletta/Cackeletta's Spirit)

Okay, so Brother says: Do you have Thunderhand? You need that first. After you get that, look for all the blue "Thunder Orbs" (What I was tellin' you about in school) There is one somewhere but I can't remember where. When you find it, it should open a gate that leads to a cave. Go in and Explore the cave. Somewhere inside, you will meet the Sledge Hammer Bros. They will give you the new hammers!

Alright...Good luck with that...Concidering I didn't get a word of it. When you figure it out, walk me through it again because I'm way too stupid to comprehend that...(I don't think Nameless would like Mowo very much...)

Issue 2 - Where is the hatred placed?

A/N: Bwa ha ha... and here we see the first signs of angst!! MWA HA HA HA!! No idea where it came from really, it just happened!


You have giving me soooooooooooo much FURY!!!!!!

Fawful: You are being a cat of copyness!

Am not, be quiet!

(Yeah...this is a new thing I'm working on. Me in the Mario world being a total FanGirl! Whoo! Fawful reminds me of Nameless when he interacts with me...)

i'm soooo sorry fawful.... wait.... if she's not HERE and she's over THERE then..... she's not HERE.... which means.... that..... GASP!!! I HAVE A SLIGHT CHANCE OF SNATCHING MY SANITY FROM THE PITS IT WAS CAST INTO BY THE INSANE FANGIRL WHO GOES BY THE NAME.... OF...... LIVI!!

yesssss..... sanity awaits.....


Insanity is awesomeness man! Insanity gives so much inspiration! Being insane is what I do and it's not my fault it's contagious! Insanity is fun! Right Fawful?

Fawful: Grrr...

you're right! sanity is for losers!!

Yeah! That's what I'm sayin'! know what I said earlier about Durithyll drawing Fawful and now he's in their world and Durithyll's all happy and spaztic about it? Well, I just relized that Fawful is a MAJOR villian and Nameless probably isn't too fond of Durithyll so...a glimpse of the future: Nameless and Fawful are going to team up and take down Durithyll!

Just a thought...whatever...

WHAT!?!?!? naw!!! nameless doesn't LIKE me but he would never try to KILL me!!!!

Durithyll: hey nameless!!!

Nameless*dripping with sarcasm*: what now? getting an itchy trigger finger? if so, at least let me stand in a garbage bag. i would hate to get ash all over you.

Durithyll: shut up. ok, do you hate me?

Roake: (whispers to nameless) don't answer that!!

Durithyll: shut up roake!!

Nameless: how do you use the word?

Durihtyll: please. just answer the question.

Nameless: why? if i ay "es" you'll zap me. permanently.

Durithyll: will not!

Nameless: puh-lease. yes you will.

Durithylljust answer it.

Nameless: (sighs) i'm hurt that you even had to ask. seriously. i am.


Nameless: "No." is that good enough for you?

Durithyll: ...yeah.... sorry.....

Namless: whatever. (walks away)

Roake: (follows)

((now out of ear shot))

Namless: did she really think i hated her?

Roake: naw. not at all.

Nameless: whatever. you know, i might be a little less snarky if i only had a name.

Roake: you should know, the reason you don't is because she really cares.

Nameless(stops walking) what?

Roake: names are a big deal to her. the reason you don't have one is because she can't find on that really fits.

Nameless: why are you defending her? the reason i don't have a name is because she doesn't care!

Roake: that's not true.

Nameless: oh yeah? and how do you know?

Roake: because you do.

Nameless: what?

Roake: you know her the best out of all of us.

Nameless: i do not! Even if you weren't used, you were created WAY before i was.

Roake: so? i was just created. you were created WITH the knowledge of knowing her. you're the most empathetic of us all.

Nameless: ... shut up.

Roake: hah. now what have we learned? don't answer that. i will. 1) Durithyll cares about you and knows that you care about her.

Nameless: i do not care--

Roake: 2) that the reason you don't have a name is because she cares about you.

Nameless: no, it's because she's--

Roake: 3) and three, that you were blessed with knowing her the best out of all us.

Nameless: blessed?!? hey! listen to me!!

Roake: (walks away)

Nameless: get back here you stupid history buff!! now! hey! i'm talking to you!!!


AWW! How touching! I feel awful for even suggesting that!

I'm with Nameless, he needs a name. (or is it Nameless?)

I drew a Fawful pic and I'm gonna post it soon! (by soon i mean eventually...)

don't feel awful! it's not your fault! it's mine....

Nameless WILL get a name! and it will NOT be "nameless!!"

i WOULD demand the Fawful pic, but i kinda can't seeing as how my total deviations are... 0....

you should totally fix that! NOW! Put some stuff on your page!

Issue 1 - Present and a thought

A/N: awww... the very first signs of the Residents... December 20, 2007! sigh... this all so very nostalgic for me...

HEY!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!! I figured out how to put pictures on my deviantart page! Put some stuff on your page!

P.S. Did you like your present?

ps: i LOVE my present!!! but you probably already figured that much seeing as how i totally flipped out in a spazz attack at the lockers....

pss: playing Superstar Saga was the first thing that i did when i got home.... seriously......

psss: a thought just occurred to me!! (nameless snake guy: "durithyll had a thought. scaaaaarrrry") (Durithyll: zap!) *ah-hem*..... where was i.... oh yeah! a thought! ok, well a thought just occurred to me --(Roake: actually it occurred to you like 13 seconds ago...) (Durithyll: *glare*) (*roake slowly steps away*) OK! A THOUGHT!! ok, well i got this idea: the word "saga" is used for a trilogy, so does that mean that there's going to be a THIRD game?

just a thought......

I have no doubt in my mind that there will be many more than that...

P.S. I loved how you were fighting with everyone during your email! (Is Durithyll like your Bodyguard or something?)

P.S.S. Nameless needs a name...

P.S.S.S. You gotsa put some of your comics on there! (Though Nameless probably isn't too fond of the idea...)


no, i don't think that Durithyll is my bodyguard. i think that because i was ranting about a Fandom, my Durithyll alter-ego kinda came out. so that was me, glaring AND zapping!! yay! power!

about deviantart, i should put some of my comics on there!! and i think your right, nameless (who needs a name) probably wouldn't appreciate it.......

Ah well...You're the dictator! His vote doesn't count! Neither does Roake's!

Okay, so...I was thinking about that comic you're drawing (where Durithyll is ranting and doodling and throwing a chair at Nameless and Roake). In your previous comics, Durithyll draws a world and it becomes reality around them...

Does that mean that since she drew a picture of Fawful, he is in their world now? Just curious...


hmmmmm..... i never thought about it that way...... hmmmmm..... possibilities........
nameless *to roake*: ah crap, she's gonna do something horribly random and funny, but horribly painful isn't she?

roake: yeah probably

Durithyll: SHUT UP!!! before i zap you!!!

nameless: oh wow! you're actually thinking before you zap? you usually go straight to zapping without an--*ZAP*

Durithyll: wanna add anything roake? hm?

Roake: nope. nothing. nada. i guess i'll go now...

Durithyll: yeah. i thought so.

so, yes! maybe i can play around with that idea!


Yay! Playing is fun!

Poor Nameless...He never learns, does he? It'd be so much less painful if he'd just roll with it...

Roake doesn't seem too happy either...

Ah well...Have fun! (Put some stuff on your DeviantArt page!!!)

but, to roll with it would be so unlike him! he's very stubborn. and roake's just trying not to get on my bad side..... mwa ha ha..... i invoke such fear......

and i WILL put stuff on DeviantART when i:

second) get around to AT LEAST SHADING IT
third) when i feel i won't look like a complete and utter newb!!

Nameless: she's not gonna post anything....

SHUT UP!!!!!