Yo! this is where i'll be posting my fics featuring the Residents! some of which may be random oneshots, others huge epics! really depends. To read the fics, just click on the title and it'll take you to the page with whatever one you clicked on.

Recent Updates

-I've just posted a simple one-shot of the Residents and their mornings, titled "Routines."

-"A Life Long Fault" has been updated! yay! that's brings it's chapter count to a grand total of... two. whatever! i'm slow ok? but at least i'm making progress! anyway, please, PLEASE comment. PLEASE!


Summary: A simple one-shot about the morning routines of the Residents. Nothing funny, or thought provoking, just something that i suddenly got the urge to write.

Setting: The Apartmet; early morning
Genre: One-shot
Status: Complete

A Life Long Fault

Summary: Like all the Residents, Daiyori had a life before Durithyll. A life he's only spoken of once before and wishes he could put behind him. But as all pasts go, there are somethings you can't find yourself ready --or deserving-- to let go of. This is his story, this is his past.

Setting: begins in the eastern land of Sha'wibla, a land that resembles Africa with its tribal culture and traditions.
Time: Daiyori's early life, before he came to live in the Apartment.
Genre: Adventure, Flashback
Status: In Progress