Here i will have character bios and explanations to some of the crazy things that make up Here! Obviously, this page is far from completion. Most notably, Roake doesn't have a bio yet! don't worry, i'll post his soon. i hate posting a page before completion, but i  really wanted to go a head and post a quick reference tool for those poor unfortunate souls just now jumping onto the Resident band wagon.

expect more soon!

The Residents

The Residents are a group of characters that i created, and have become the sole source of my inspiration now a days. They are truly special to me. They pretty much are the reason i write and draw. I love them so much, and drawing them gets me that much closer to them.  They mean the world to me.

The reason i call myself Durithyll, is because she was the first one i created, and i always relate myself to her.


The Residents are all RESIDENTS of an APARTMENT. See the connections? ha. how very unoriginal of me. anyway, they all live together, and some how --despite their many differences-- have grown so close to each other! and so close to me. They all have their pasts, some completely average, others completely unheard of. But which ever way they came to be, their paths all crossed and were forever entwined at the Apartment.

Durithyll Shan'ri

Age: 22
Race: Lipau
Physical Description: Cream in fur colour, with blue eyes and black identical markings beneath them. Four wings on back -- upper pair being much larger then the lower pair. And a medium-length tail that curls over her back.

Durithyll is an Artist. This means that she has been given rights and privileges by the Elementals. Mainly, understanding her origins and the fact that she and the Residents are characters created by the "Base-Worlder" Shannon.

Shannon created Durithyll to act as she would in Here. Shannon, for obvious reasons, couldn't live in Here and devote her life to the Residents like she thought they deserved. So she created Durithyll. Durithyll would live her life in Here, and eventually gather the Residents under one roof as Shannon intended.

After recruiting the Residents into the insanity, she then told them of the fact that they were all characters and the reality they lived in, Here, was created by two very strange base-worlders named Shannon and Livi. And eventually, of the existence of the Elementals.

Durithyll is extremely protective of the Residents. She would do every and anything for them. she takes any insult to them personally, and never hesitates to defend them -- no matter what the case.

She is most definately a spazztic Fangirl. She has multiple fandoms, and never hesitates to tell everyone about them. Example: Transformers, Stargate, Justice League, Uncanny X-Men, etc.


Age: Approximately 23
Race: Snake
Physical Description: Steel-grey in colour, with dark grey eyes.

Daiyori is not from the same country as the other Residents. He's from the eastern land across the ocean called Shi'awbla. It's a primitive country, resembling Africa with it's tribal cultures and traditions. After stowing away on a trade ship, he arrived in Durithyll's country.

After wondering the crowded city streets for months, in a strange twist of fate, he ran into Durithyll. Durithyll didn't hesitate to invite him to live with her in her apartment. The idea seemed preposterous, but for some reason, he accepted. Roake was the only other Resident at the time, and he never once questioned Durithyll's reasoning in allowing a complete and utter stranger to live with them.

Daiyori quickly opened up to life in the Apartment, and even more quickly secured his place in it.

Daiyori can appear to be harsh, cynical, and quick to judge, but it's only to hide the fact that he cares. He's always blunt, and never hesitates to tell someone their faults -- usually in a cruel and matter-of-fact sort of way. Because of his country's primitive status, he's never had an education. Sure, he learned basic mathematics and reading and writing, but nothing above this. Despite this though, he is probably the most intelligent among the Residents. He has a passion for learning, and because of this, is constantly going through Komasu's text books -- hoping that no one sees him.

While he had grown very close to all of the Residents, no one is quite as close to him as Roake is. Despite their obvious differences, the two have become the closest of friends. An odd friendship, but an unbreakable one, and probably one that Daiyori is completely oblivious to.

People who don't know him would only take him as the pessimistic, arrogant jerk he appears to be -- and that's just the way he likes it. But for those few who have managed to get under his skin, it's never hard to find the empathetic and loyal snake beneath.

Komasu Tenet

Age: 18
Race: Anthro. Bat
Physical Description: Purple, with large ears and round glasses.

Komasu came from very poor backgrounds. Her parents loved her, but they always had problems getting ends to meet. Komasu is extremely intelligent, and because of this, was awarded a very generous scholarship to the college she was planning on attending. But even with it, her family just couldn't find the money necessary to send her. So when Durithyll offered to let Komasu live with her in the Apartment, it seemed like a God-send.

Durithyll had met Komasu at a Transformers convention, and the two had immediately hit it off. They kept in constant contact with each other over the internet after that, and when Durithyll heard that Komasu was planing on attending the local college at the start of the year, she had immediately demanded that Komasu come live with her. Komasu's parents were extremely hesitant though, as they had every right to be. But after Durithyll's many visits, and Komasu insistent begging and pleading, they eventually allowed her to go, and get the education she had always wanted and had always deserved.

At first, Komasu was very shy around the Residents. But she's just a very shy person. She's very timid and, chances are, when she meets someone new she's usually staring at her feet.

She is most definitely a closet Transformers fan, which is in complete opposition to Durithyll. Durithyll believes that the only way to show your love for a fandom, is to make sure that everyone knows about it.

Roake Adafar

Age: 24
Race: Anthro. Fox
Physical Description: Tall, red-orange fur, with black on the tips of his ears, top of his snout, tail tip, and and on his hands and feet extending to the elbow and knee.

Roake is the oldest of the Residents and truly is Mr. Mom. if it wasn't for him, the Residents would have probably starved to death a long time ago. Roake is responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping for the Residents. although Daiyori does usually tag along for the grocery trips.

Wherever Roake goes, Daiyori is sure to follow -- and vice versa. While the two are not very touchy people or are even big on openly displaying their friendship, it's existence is undeniable. All of the Residents picked up on it very early on, except perhaps Daiyori.

Like the other Residents (except Daiyori), he too has his own job. He works as a painter. He both sells work that he does, and is hired out to paint certain things for other people. Such as a mural for the inside of a building, a commission for someone, and even the occasional side of a barn. When doing professional work, he usually uses watercolours. But when it comes to just recreational stuff, he often uses spray paints. One of his strange, artistic habits, is that every so often, he simply has to get a huge sheet of poster paper (usually  6 x 9 ft) and tack/tape it the side of the apartment complex. then, he gets his ladder and spray paints and goes to town! this way, he can have fun with spray paints on a massive scale, without defacing public property.

Roake generally has a calm attitude and is often the voice of reason among the Residents. So in most of the life-death, omigosh-the-universe-is-going-to-blow-up scenarios the Residents often find themselves in, Roake is the one who usually has to play negotiator. While he prefers to end all of the fights the Residents get themselves in WITHOUT any murder charges, he's the kind of guy who would fire the first shot if it really came down to it. A contradiction maybe, but when it comes down to the bad guys or his friends, his friends win out every time. He would do anything for his friends. even if it meant compromising his own morals.

Jacob Linol

Age: 20
Race: Anthro. Weasel.
Physical Description: Brown fur, with green eyes.

Jacob, like Komasu, came from poor backgrounds. But while Komasu had a perfectly happy childhood and parents that loved her and each other, Jacob did not. His parents got married far too early and suffered because of it. After Jacob's older brother Kadin was born, their marriage took a turn for the worse. They were constantly fighting, and when Jacob turned seven and his older brother was 15, his mother walked out on them. His father honestly tried to bridge the gap between himself and his two young sons, but just couldn't. Instead, he turned to drinking. And while he never abused Jacob or his brother, he just neglected them, leaving Kadin to bring in the family income and care for the family on his own.

Eventually, Kadin just couldn't take it anymore. As soon as he turned 18, he left -- without saying good bye to his father, and with only a "take care of yourself"  to his brother.

Once Jacob turned 14 though, his brother suddenly showed up again. He only stayed for a few months, and not even at his own house. He was renting a shabby apartment and made Jacob promise not to tell his father. In these few months, Kadin taught Jacob the basics of being a mechanic. Jacob immediately took to it, and would eventually become the skilled mechanic he is now. But after these short months, his brother left -- just as quietly as he had arrived.

When Jacob turned 18, he two left the house in an effort to get away -- his father had sunk deeper into alcoholism. Not being able to come even close to having enough money to pay for it, Jacob never went to college. He graduated high school and moved out, and into the city where he would open up his first body shop.

And one day, Durithyll walked into his life, complaining that her car was "crapped up" and needed to be fixed. After finding no real problems with it, he sent her on her way. But week after week, she continued to complain about car troubles. And week after week, Jacob would give it a full inspection. After a few months of this routine, Durithyll eventually -- and blatantly-- asked where he lived. She figured out that he was living in an upstairs room, and was furious. After weeks and weeks of berating him, he finally conceded and moved into the Apartment.

Jacob quickly established his role as the resident flirt, gamer, and master of the four letter word. But while he usually has an easy going and happy attitude, he does have an extremely violent temper. Which can often result in a wrench in the face.