yes!! SUMMER!!!

too bad it doesn't feel like...

seriously! i have NO idea why, but it STILL hasn't hit me that it's FINALLY SUMMER. usually, i'm like "omigosh! only six weeks left still summer!" now, it's more like, "what? it's the last day of school? oh." it's kinda weirding me out...

anyway, this means that i'll have more time to devote to FANART AND MARIO! yay fangirlishness! long breaks and backstreetboys really remind me of the wonderfulness that is mario. Plus, when i get on a mario high, it's like... self-sustaining or something... mostly because, Livi, when you think about it, that was the first fandom that we really clicked on! am i right?

also, that was the fandom that started the Residents. it really was. it was in an e-mail concerning Fawful and his adorable sadisticness that Durithyll, Roake, and Daiyori were first seen. so A) Mario is just a really fun fandom, and B) it's a really nostalgic fandom.

so when i get on a Mario high, i get a high off of being on the high. make sense? anyway, i'm rambling now, so i think i'll stop blogging now. :D


5/23/2009 07:33:30 am

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