Randomly found this on LiveJournal! dang... i haven't been on there in FOREVER! anyway, i was on somebody's blog RPing as Cackletta (hilarious) where they had their results for this test on there. they linked it back to the original site, and i decided to take it!

Komasu: um... D? it says "hardworking"... and "lazy." how does that work?

Durithyll: easy! i'm a hardworking procrastinator!

Daiyori: cause that just makes perfect sense.

Durithyll: shut up!

Jacob: Durithyll? is this right? they have you pegged as "useful" for u.

Daiyori: they do have "dramatic", "insane", and "radical" though, in their defense.

Durithyll: what the heck! you guys all suck!

anyway, it's late, and i was feeling braindead, so i decided to post this! and on a random note, i am seriously worried about getting permanent nerve damage in my legs from sitting crosslegged with my laptop, and wacom all sitting in my lap. just the other day, my feet went ENTIRELY numb! it was so cool! and i'm serious! everything below the ankles was NUMB! i was sitting there, DIGGING my pencil into my toe and i didn't feel a THING!

anyWAY, see ya! i hope you all have a LOVELY summer! ;3


Moolatte XD
5/26/2009 09:24:23 am


And D! Check your e-mail! Hurry hurry hurry!

5/27/2009 06:27:04 am


hALP MEE1111

Moolatte XD
5/31/2009 03:08:50 am


Concerning, well, CONCERNING *wink wink*, whenever you get the full details about you-know-what, tell me!

So excited SQUEEE!!!!

Keith: Yes, please get rid of her for a few days!

Moolatte: You loser! Get out of my Squee-post!

Keith: Hey Duri, take Typhoo with you. For like, maybe, I don't know, Forever?

Moolatte: Hey be nice! We sorta like Typhoo!

6/3/2009 12:54:46 am

Squee! I love that name thing! I wanna do it!!

Yo! You need to friggin update your site!! We saved the snark, didn't we?

6/6/2009 08:23:16 am

NEvermind i DONT

Mikayla aka Micky
6/16/2009 04:25:09 am

Hm, maybe I better check this out. Hey Dakota-chan!
Dakota: (peaks around corner into computer room) What?
Mikayla: You wanna do this name thingy, too?
Dakota: Okay! Sure!
P.s. I'll have my site up soon.
P.s.s. You need to up date. SOON!

6/18/2009 05:49:48 am

Mikayla: Okay, D. Where ever you are lurking, this has got to lure you out...I FINALLY HAVE MY SITE UP! EEEEE! I'm so happy!

Zazie: Yeah, and now you won't shut up!

Dakota: Z-kun! Be nice! Mikayla has the power to delete you!

Nikko: And what do you care? :I

(everyone looks at Dakota, who is turning redder by the second)

Zazie: ... *turning red, looks other direction as he figures out whats up*

Mikayla: *knows* ...okay, let's stop spamming and continue this on our website. Laters, Durithyll!

6/18/2009 12:00:00 pm

Where are you?!?!?! You need to check your e-mail! Something very important is in your inbox that you need to check!

6/22/2009 12:27:53 am

Dang girl?! You away on vacation or something?! We miss you! T-T

3/13/2011 01:53:34 pm

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