Crap!! I pulled a Zanna!! OH NOES!!

BUT, i did need to move the Residents to a different site! CrazedMind just wasn't big enough! whatever. I do plan on keeping CrazedMind updated and what not, because THIS IS NOT MY FANGIRL SITE. this site is JUST for the Residents! ah... my beloved Residents! Squee! anyway, so CrazedMind will still be updated! But, I do want to spend the time being ironing out the kinks and what not of the Apartment, so CrazedMind will have to be on hold for just a little bit!

ok, enough of that!

sigh... i'm so happy i finally got this site up! it's still a bit new, so it's not complete yet, but it's close! i love the Residents so much! i REALLY wanted to get them their own site! and here it is!

Concerning the banner... This was the first of a set of banners that had recently been completed. It's of the Scribe, Famine. I'm not sure if anyone besides myself, Livi, and Ninja know this, but Famine is also Boredom's sister. Famine is NOT an Elemental, she's a Scribe. And the text on the banner looks really messy, i know. I tried fixing it, but it just wouldn't work! in case you can't tell, it says:                                 

"Another man,

Another night,
Another famine.

The fun just never stops."

It's actually a quote, and really bugs me. You see, Famine is immortal like all the Scribes. But for some reason, Famine is always sleeping around with mortal men (usually kings and royalty). Not because she loves them, but because she gets a kick out of sleeping with them right before she inflicts the country with famine, thus killing thousands of the people. Please, understand that i am NOT saying that i approve of this behaviour! it sickens me! But Famine is messed up. Not because of something tragic that happened in her life or anything like that, but because she just IS. And for the record, Boredom is also disgusted by Famine because of this.

Anyway, i posted a head shot of her on the Sketch book page, because if i'm gonna bust my butt on drawing all that hair detail, i want people to see it! so click on it!

Another thing! I've made a page for the Epic Comment Postings! I'll transfer ALL the comments from the one of CrazedMind (all one-hundred and six of em...) and post them onto to one of here! yay ECPs!!

I'm kind of rushed at the moment, but i just really wanted to get this published now! so expect to here back from me soon!


ps: be sure to go to the "Fiction" page!

11/7/2008 09:53:18 am

Hey Durithyll! I am glad that you like my website Writer's World. I like this one too. This has a point too! I am very sorry I can't tell you my e-mail. I have to check it out more too--It looks like a good one! I am going to add it to my favorites. Thanks for checking out my site! Writerguy

11/7/2008 10:10:42 am


Hmmm... NOTHING but pure, Resident craziness, eh?

This should end well...

11/7/2008 11:03:26 am

heck yes! sigh... i love them so frikken much... my only regret in getting them their own site, is that CrazedMind had history! ya know?

and thanks for leaving a comment writerguy!

2/20/2009 11:21:07 pm

lololololololol My site is really cool lolololololollolol

2/20/2009 11:22:21 pm

Sorry I am leaving another comment; that was just for funsies...
Can you visit my sitre? I am a close friend of Writerguys.... fyi...


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