Latte, i update my site when i have something to say. and as of late, i haven't had much to say. yes, i am very busy. you can ask liv, the equation for my life goes as such:


(cheerleading is greater than life)

it's true. also, the main point of this site is to show case the residents and my art. i'm currently working on three major pieces, all of which won't be finished ANY time soon. so instead of pointlessly updating my site, i've been working on those so i have a REASON to update my site.

There's also been no reason to update anything else. I ran a maintenance check just the other day, and all the pages are running smoothly and there's no typos or dead links that i know of. if there are that i just seemed to have missed, please, by all means tell me!

while yes, i may pointlessly update my blog from time to time, it's not all that common. ;-)

so uh yeah, there ya go! :D



yo! i totally haven't blogged in like, forever! so heres to random blog posting! yaaaaay!

anyway, so here's whats been going on in my life recently... um.... hang on... i'll think of something -- OMIGOSHIMGONNAFRIKKENCRY!!!! lets try that again... oh my gosh i am so gonna frikken cry!!!! our LAST competition is in TWO WEEKS!!! seriously!! The Devil Ray season will END in TWO WEEKS!! i really am gonna cry... cheering means so much to me! and Dallas is the last (and biggest) competition of the season. which is why Natalie (my coach) is going to be extra strict at practices... and also why i couldn't go on the band trip.

Liv, Latte, i am so sorry. please believe me. i wanted to go so badly, but i just couldn't do that to the squad. going would have meant missing five practices. we can't afford to have ANYONE missing practices. im so sorry. you HAVE to tell me EVERY detail, ok? i want to here EVERYTHING!

anyway, i've also been working on a frikken annoying picture all break! never, NEVER, has a picture annoyed me as much as this one! dead serious! this is the first time that i'm really doing this detailed of a background in photoshop from scratch. not smart. and weirdest part is, the bag of FLOUR was the most evil. don't ask, you'll understand when i post it. which will be soon, probably tonight or tomorrow morning. (victory dance) cause i don't have school all week, i don't have shcool all week, aw yeah, aw yeah, uh huh, uh huh... i love winter break!!

and my gosh! drawing is actually HURTING my back! seriously! ok, some of yall may not get this, but you totally would livi! ok, so when i'm drawing on the wacom, i'm usually sitting on the floor cross legged with the tablet in my lap. well, that means i'm hunched over. which gets seriously painful when you draw for hours at a time! yes, this picture has taken me over... five days. FIVE DAYS!! that's RIDICULOUS! NEVER have i wanted to just get a picture OVER WITH!! which kinda makes me sad, but it's true! the only reason i HAVEN'T just given up on it, is beacuse i would hate myself for life. not really. i'm just really OCD. oh! and Livi! i SO know what i'm doing for my word prompt! it's not a comic or anything, it's just a picture, but you'll LIKE it! have you started "Mushroom" yet?

for those who don't know, me and livi have this "word prompt" thing. she'll give me ONE word (ex, "duck" or "lamp") and it's my job to some how incorporate the word into either a oneshot (fic or comic) or just a picture. most of them end up as comics oneshots.

hm.... i should post some of mine....

anyway, it's a really good way to break Artist/Authors block! you should try it sometime! just hook up with a buddy or something!

anyway, that concludes my seriously convoluted rambling!


oh! and Latte and Allyson: don't go hatin' on Tyler! he's mah buddy!


okie day! this is just random update really!

first, i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to get a Christmas picture on here by Christmas day. You see, me and my sister BOTH use the ONE Wacom Tablet, and mom asked both of us for a picture for Christmas. Well, the Wacom belongs to Kanirou (my sister) so she gets dibs. so she's currently working on her picture. which means that i'm not. which is a problem. even if i do get the Wacom back in time, i'll have to spend all my time working on the picture for my mom. i'll be lucky to even finish that!

second thing: do ANY of you guys ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings? cause if you don't i will have to seriously SMACK you! not really! but whatever!

i WILL update the EPCs regardless, but you guys should seriously read them! there's some serious Insanity going on over there! in case you guys DIDN'T already know, the EPCs are the insanity that me and Liv randomly cook up. She'll leave a random comment with the Crew, i'll respond with the Residents, and before you know it, the entire universe is in peril! actually, thats only happened once... but whatever! what i'm saying is that you guys should read them! it's the EASIEST way to understand the characters!  grr!

okay, third point: I'm finishing up with the character sketches for everybody, but i need to colour them and stuff in Photoshop before i can put them up (i want you guys to see them and critique them before i start the final piece). which, duh, i can't do at the moment. plus, i STILL haven't gotten Hewhohasnotbeennamed's (Jason, that means you!) description! so everybody go spam his blog until he gives me his stupid description! oi!

ok, so i think that's all for now!


ps: everybody make sure to do the poll thing on the homepage! just to give me an idea on exactly how many people ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings!


yo! and happy thanksgiving people!!

so go out, get some turkey, and GET FAT!! Whoo-hoo! TURKEY!! so uh yeah, just wanted to tell you people that!

also, i've an updating like a BEAST lately!! weird... anyway, because i only have two updates listed in the "Recent Updates" box at the top of the home page at any one time, i wanted to make sure that everybody got the updates!

-updated the Sketchbook page with a picture of Roake. yay, roake!
-updated the banner, obviously.
-updated the "other sites" section at the bottom of the home page.
-updated the Fiction page with chapter two of "A Life Long Fault!" yay! Daiyori-ness!

on that... Ok, for those people who are just jumping onto the Resident band wagon (God bless your souls...),  i would suggest holding off on "A Life Long Fault" until you understand the character Daiyori a bit more. Daiyori is very near and dear to my heart, and i don't want you guys jumping into a story that you aren't prepared to appreciate yet.

If you want to, and i would suggest you do, go to my original site--

--and click on the Blog page. there, scroll through the Tags column and click on "Daiyori" once you get to it. After you do that, start from the OLDEST blog entry (aka: "ANOTHER introduction... oi") and read UP.

but SKIP "Serious Daiyori Backstory Development". That was the random blog entry where i first got the inspiration for "A Life Long Fault." I liked the idea a lot, and thought that it deserved to be fleshed out into a story, so i revised the basic premise a bit, and began writing the story. The blog entry is basically a synopsis of everything, so it's just one big spoiler! and spoilers suck! so skip it!

anyway, i have my other site linked, so just click on it and start reading! It's not much, just about seven entries. So, please, read a little bit! just to get a basic idea of the character!

that's all!

and don't forget to eat a bunch of turkey!

ps: if you have ANY questions concerning the Residents or anything, just ask!


ok, i seriously gotta make this quick, but i just added a new page! lookie lookie! it's the one titled "sub-ins"! it get's it's name from the fact that i've just taken a pre-existing script, and SUBstituted my own characters! yay easy hilarity!

anyway, this script is none-other then SUPER PAPER MARIO! yes, i AM horribly addicted to the Mario universe! because GUESS WHAT!! i'm a FANGIRL!!

anyway, to get this story, you do not need ANY knowledge of either the game, or even the Residents! none of my characters back story is used, and Zatannii's not even a cyborg/computer guy thing! I've used some of the Elementals, but not as Elementals, just characters! so you don't need to know ANYTHING about them either! just read it and enjoy!

oh yeah! and one more thing! i SORT of cheated on the whole sub-on thing... i created a brand new character JUST for this sub in! he's NOT a Resident, but i really like him! he's an anthro goat, and is named Kaq'nit. I used him for the Mario character, O'Chunks.

ok, i SERIOUSLY need to go now! so hurry up and go read the introduction! it's uber short! R&R!



Crap!! I pulled a Zanna!! OH NOES!!

BUT, i did need to move the Residents to a different site! CrazedMind just wasn't big enough! whatever. I do plan on keeping CrazedMind updated and what not, because THIS IS NOT MY FANGIRL SITE. this site is JUST for the Residents! ah... my beloved Residents! Squee! anyway, so CrazedMind will still be updated! But, I do want to spend the time being ironing out the kinks and what not of the Apartment, so CrazedMind will have to be on hold for just a little bit!

ok, enough of that!

sigh... i'm so happy i finally got this site up! it's still a bit new, so it's not complete yet, but it's close! i love the Residents so much! i REALLY wanted to get them their own site! and here it is!

Concerning the banner... This was the first of a set of banners that had recently been completed. It's of the Scribe, Famine. I'm not sure if anyone besides myself, Livi, and Ninja know this, but Famine is also Boredom's sister. Famine is NOT an Elemental, she's a Scribe. And the text on the banner looks really messy, i know. I tried fixing it, but it just wouldn't work! in case you can't tell, it says:                                 

"Another man,

Another night,
Another famine.

The fun just never stops."

It's actually a quote, and really bugs me. You see, Famine is immortal like all the Scribes. But for some reason, Famine is always sleeping around with mortal men (usually kings and royalty). Not because she loves them, but because she gets a kick out of sleeping with them right before she inflicts the country with famine, thus killing thousands of the people. Please, understand that i am NOT saying that i approve of this behaviour! it sickens me! But Famine is messed up. Not because of something tragic that happened in her life or anything like that, but because she just IS. And for the record, Boredom is also disgusted by Famine because of this.

Anyway, i posted a head shot of her on the Sketch book page, because if i'm gonna bust my butt on drawing all that hair detail, i want people to see it! so click on it!

Another thing! I've made a page for the Epic Comment Postings! I'll transfer ALL the comments from the one of CrazedMind (all one-hundred and six of em...) and post them onto to one of here! yay ECPs!!

I'm kind of rushed at the moment, but i just really wanted to get this published now! so expect to here back from me soon!


ps: be sure to go to the "Fiction" page!