Latte, i update my site when i have something to say. and as of late, i haven't had much to say. yes, i am very busy. you can ask liv, the equation for my life goes as such:


(cheerleading is greater than life)

it's true. also, the main point of this site is to show case the residents and my art. i'm currently working on three major pieces, all of which won't be finished ANY time soon. so instead of pointlessly updating my site, i've been working on those so i have a REASON to update my site.

There's also been no reason to update anything else. I ran a maintenance check just the other day, and all the pages are running smoothly and there's no typos or dead links that i know of. if there are that i just seemed to have missed, please, by all means tell me!

while yes, i may pointlessly update my blog from time to time, it's not all that common. ;-)

so uh yeah, there ya go! :D