hey look! i exist!

and i swear -- if i get ONE more question about the weebly group picture, i'm gonna rip off some knee caps!! i am terribly A.D.D. when it comes to art work. i'll start a piece, get inspiration for something else, and get to working on it instead. I WORK SLOWLY. and asking me 28 bazillion times does NOTHING but tick me off and make me NOT want to work on it!! pestering works like a vacuum... it sucks out ALL the life and joy out of something, and leaves an imploded mess of crap behind!

now, despite what it may look like, i AM NOT mad. it's not that i'm secretly bi-polar or anything, i just never hold a grudge. so when i'm yelling at you and calling you stupid, it's actually my own way of showing how much i care. dont worry, it confuses a lot of other people too. ;-)

anyway, yesterday, I WENT TO HOMECOMING!!!

oh my GOSH it was so much fun!!! i had a BLAST!! me and Moolatte were getting crazy! she is like my favouritest we-look-like-idiots-but-really-dont-care dance partner ever! i went there with Ben, one of my best friends from school, and had a lot of fun! the music was good for the most part, and the food was AMAZING!! they had these AWESOME cream puffs!! 'course the first one i ate exploded all over my face...

the only downer of the evening, was the fact that all the cheerleaders had to stay to take all of the decorations down. in case you didn't know, i cheer for my school and for Devil Rays. anyway, the cheerleaders decorated for Homecoming, and i think we did a pretty good job! the theme was Winter Wonderland. so because we set everything up, we had to take everything down.

anyway, i gotta go now! i have to go get ready for a Devil Ray practice!

four hours... fun.

see ya!


ps: seriously, i'm not mad!