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I checked my e-mails today, and one of the new ones was titled "TikuxShannon!" I spazzed, and clicked on it right away!! and inside the e-mail... was this beautiful piece of art!!!!! isn't it gourgeous!?!? that's just because Tiku's in it... but still! beautiful!!

This was drawn by my good friend and fellow artist and fangirl, Livi. And one of her characters is Tiku! well... he's a hottie. a complete and utter hottie. Obviously!! anyway, after i realized this, i immediatly claimed him as my boyfried. So, yes, i am Tiku's self-proclaimed girlfriend. arn't we ADORABLE!? he's just Shannon's boyfried though, aka, not Durithyll the character's.

sigh... needless to say, this is my current background on my laptop.

i would love to say more about Tiku and his amazing hottie-ness, but i really need to go right now!!

so seeya!


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