yes... i exist... i know, i'm probably behind on like... everything at the moment... i'm sorry!  i'm going through one of my "lets procrastinate life" phases... yes. as annoying as heck. don't worry though, it'll pass.

anyway, in recent news, we placed first at out last competition! YAY!! Go D - RAYS!! the freaky part though, is that we one by .01 points. seriously. OMIGOSH CLOE IS ADORABLE!!!! sorry... just thought i should say that.... we have our next competition this weekend in Atlanta. yaaaaaay. big city traffic.

i also updated the sketchbook! so there's a site-related update!

and seriously people, don't worry, this whole thing WILL pass!!

it doesn't help that i've been getting depressed over Tsubasa a ton lately...

Tsubasa: Reseviour Chronicles is a manga that me and my sister read religiously. I LOVE it. the only problem though, is that the past four volumes have all been epic and seriously depressing for my favourite character. the series is AMAZING though!! it's just that my fav character has a huge "Kill me!" sign nailed to his forehead. you can ask Livi or Ninja. i've been randomly getting depressed over it for the past month or so.

anyway, that's all for now!