Randomly found this on LiveJournal! dang... i haven't been on there in FOREVER! anyway, i was on somebody's blog RPing as Cackletta (hilarious) where they had their results for this test on there. they linked it back to the original site, and i decided to take it!

Komasu: um... D? it says "hardworking"... and "lazy." how does that work?

Durithyll: easy! i'm a hardworking procrastinator!

Daiyori: cause that just makes perfect sense.

Durithyll: shut up!

Jacob: Durithyll? is this right? they have you pegged as "useful" for u.

Daiyori: they do have "dramatic", "insane", and "radical" though, in their defense.

Durithyll: what the heck! you guys all suck!

anyway, it's late, and i was feeling braindead, so i decided to post this! and on a random note, i am seriously worried about getting permanent nerve damage in my legs from sitting crosslegged with my laptop, and wacom all sitting in my lap. just the other day, my feet went ENTIRELY numb! it was so cool! and i'm serious! everything below the ankles was NUMB! i was sitting there, DIGGING my pencil into my toe and i didn't feel a THING!

anyWAY, see ya! i hope you all have a LOVELY summer! ;3



yes!! SUMMER!!!

too bad it doesn't feel like...

seriously! i have NO idea why, but it STILL hasn't hit me that it's FINALLY SUMMER. usually, i'm like "omigosh! only six weeks left still summer!" now, it's more like, "what? it's the last day of school? oh." it's kinda weirding me out...

anyway, this means that i'll have more time to devote to FANART AND MARIO! yay fangirlishness! long breaks and backstreetboys really remind me of the wonderfulness that is mario. Plus, when i get on a mario high, it's like... self-sustaining or something... mostly because, Livi, when you think about it, that was the first fandom that we really clicked on! am i right?

also, that was the fandom that started the Residents. it really was. it was in an e-mail concerning Fawful and his adorable sadisticness that Durithyll, Roake, and Daiyori were first seen. so A) Mario is just a really fun fandom, and B) it's a really nostalgic fandom.

so when i get on a Mario high, i get a high off of being on the high. make sense? anyway, i'm rambling now, so i think i'll stop blogging now. :D



(The Residents are all lounging in the Apartment, save Roake, who's still out grocery shopping)

Daiyori: (sprawled out on the couch, as per usual, watching Jacob play Halo) so when is Roake getting back?

Jacob: how am i supposed to know? he needs to hurry up though.

Durithyll: no he does NOT!

(Durithyll's currently in the kitchen, trying to bake a cake -- from scratch)

Komasu: (trying to help out) Um, D, i think the cake needs to come out of the oven now...

Durithyll: what?! Komasu! i told you to get out of here! shoo! i wanna do this by myself!

Daiyori: well i want it to be EDIBLE!

Durithyll: it WILL be!! now shut up and let me do this!

Komasu: Durithyll... the cake's still in the oven...

Durithyll: Crap! see what you made me do!?

Daiyori: (sighs)

Roake: (opens the door, arms full of groceries) hey guys. i'm back--

Durithyll: NO!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!! (lunges over the counter and runs across the room, shoving Roake out the door) (slams the door as soon as Roake is out)

Roake: (very confused, and currently standing with his face two inches from the door)  um... ok?

Daiyori: wow. and you're spazz.

Durithyll: shut up! i'm not ready!

Daiyori: and you won't BE ready for another twenty minutes. so what, you're going to make Roake stand out there for all that time?

Durithyll: um... no?

Daiyori: than let him in, dumb butt.

Durithyll: (pouts) fine. but you're still a jerk.

Daiyori: i try.

Roake: (still standing outside, very confused)

Durithyll: (slowly opens the door) ...you can come inside now.

Roake: ok... (steps cautiously around Durithyll) so what couldn't i see at first? (places the groceries on the counter)

Durithyll: (sighs) because it's Mom's day and all, i wanted to bake a cake or do something useful.

Jacob: she tried doing the laundry, but she swore the dryer was going to explode in her face!

Durithyll: it friggen was!! are you kidding me!?

Roake: (laughs) that's really nice and all, but last time i checked... i'm a guy.

Durithyll: well duh! oi! but you do all the mom-ish things around here! i'm mean, you JUST went out to get groceries! and you cook and clean, and do stuff like that.

Daiyori: that's because you refuse to do it.

Durithyll: shut up! the dryer is EVIL!

Daiyori: and the microwave?

Durithyll: DEMENTED!!! heh... dimentio... nevermind!

Jacob: (turns off the 360 -- GASP! -- and walks around the couch) Oh, and we got you this. (lightly tosses a black box to Roake)

Roake: (catches it) what is it?

Daiyori: like we're going to tell you?

Jacob: just open it! (lightly nudges Komasu with his elbow) it was Komasu's idea.

Komasu: shhh!

Roake: (smiles suspiciously)(opens it) oh my gosh... i cannot believe you guys... (reaches inside and pulls out a gold painted metal plaque in the shape of a police badge. Engraved on it is: Mr. M.O.M. -- Maturity Over Masculinity.)

Durithyll: (smiles) do ya liiiiiike it?

Roake: (sighs) of course i do.

Durithyll: than pin it on your shirt! (snatches it from Roake's hand and pins it on his shirt) there! beautiful! now you have to where it ALL day!

Roake: i figured. now... (points to Durithyll's icing-less cake) it take it that's the cake?

Durithyll: yes! it is! and you're not going to touch it until I'M done with it!

Roake: but you could--

Durithyll: NO! OUT!! (grabs Roake by the arm and pulls him away from the counter, runs to the other side and plants both arms firmly around each side of it) mine! so go away!!

Roake: (smiles) fine fine fine... can i at least finish the laundry that i assume no one else did?

Durithyll: no! you can't! Daiyori's getting it!

Daiyori: what! i am NOT!

Durithyll: yes you are! so git! (jabs her thumb towards the laundry room)

Daiyori: this is ridiculous...

Roake: (laughs softly as he watches Daiyori sulk away) (turns back to Durithyll) are you sure i can't at least--

Durithyll: NO!! just do something not helpful!!

Roake: (smiles as he puts his hands up in resignation) fine fine fine... i'll go sketch or something...

Durithyll: see? now was that so hard? and Roake? happy Mom's Day.

Roake: (smiles) Thanks.



A/N: i know it's a day late... wah. but hey! at least i got SOMETHING! heehee! Roake is totally Mr. Mom!