And that's lower case boredom, like, the actual thing. not the all powerful jerk.

anyway, i'm currently at school right now. i finished my work early, so i decided to randomly update my blog! i haven't done it in a while... so uh yeah!

here ya go!

hm... i would LIKE to say something that might make reading this worth something... but i honestly can't think of anything! letsee... hmmmm... nope! got nothing!

anyway, ba bye!




(takes a deep breath) ok... this weekend, me and my squad went to Dallas, Texas for the last competition of the season -- the NCA Nationals.

This is THE largest cheerleading competition in America! and out of the eleven JR Level 2 squads, Devil Ray Allstars placed FIRST!! my gosh... it was so much fun. While yes, winning is important (come on, we got a gorgeous trophy and everyone got a beautiful letterman) the most important part was that everyone did their best. We had NEVER hit every stunt, every tumbling pass, every move, as clean as we did in Dallas! that made me so happy.

And now the seasons over.

I probably cried about six times sine Sunday! Devil Rays means to much to me... and now the seasons over. Hopefully, i can make one of next years squad. but still, i won't be with THOSE girls one the SAME squad! and in don't think Natalie will be my coach either! and that's gonna make me really sad! i love Natalie so much! we could NEVER have won Dallas if not for her...

I am so happy that we were able to end this season with a bang. it just makes me so sad to see it end! man... i just feels so weird! i mean, Devil Rays has eaten up every aspect of my life! i joined near the end of the last school year, worked all through summer, and busted my but for over half of this school year! and now it's actually over... i don't know WHAT i'm gonna do at tumbling today! or TOMORROW! usually, tomorrow i would be going to practice from 5 - 8:00... but now i won't. at least, not with this squad...

man i'm gonna miss those girls!

they mean so much to me! and while a lot of them are going to be trying out for next years squad, a lot of them won't be. and that breaks me heart! and Natalie's not my coach anymore! at least not technically! and that REALLY get's me! i'm always so close to my coaches, but nothing like at Devil Rays. Dan, Nicole, Doug, and Natalie have done so much for me. i'll never be able to thank them enough.

When we were flying back, Natalie and Nicole were flying together and we were on the same plane as them. well, we just talking ans stuff, and Natalie said to me, "well kiddo, you don't have to call me coach anymore." i was like, "are you kidding me!? you'll always be my coach!" and it's true!

no matter how many years go by, Natalie will always be my coach.

Thank you God, for putting Devil Rays in my life.

great. now you can make that seven times. i'm crying right now.