yo! i totally haven't blogged in like, forever! so heres to random blog posting! yaaaaay!

anyway, so here's whats been going on in my life recently... um.... hang on... i'll think of something -- OMIGOSHIMGONNAFRIKKENCRY!!!! lets try that again... oh my gosh i am so gonna frikken cry!!!! our LAST competition is in TWO WEEKS!!! seriously!! The Devil Ray season will END in TWO WEEKS!! i really am gonna cry... cheering means so much to me! and Dallas is the last (and biggest) competition of the season. which is why Natalie (my coach) is going to be extra strict at practices... and also why i couldn't go on the band trip.

Liv, Latte, i am so sorry. please believe me. i wanted to go so badly, but i just couldn't do that to the squad. going would have meant missing five practices. we can't afford to have ANYONE missing practices. im so sorry. you HAVE to tell me EVERY detail, ok? i want to here EVERYTHING!

anyway, i've also been working on a frikken annoying picture all break! never, NEVER, has a picture annoyed me as much as this one! dead serious! this is the first time that i'm really doing this detailed of a background in photoshop from scratch. not smart. and weirdest part is, the bag of FLOUR was the most evil. don't ask, you'll understand when i post it. which will be soon, probably tonight or tomorrow morning. (victory dance) cause i don't have school all week, i don't have shcool all week, aw yeah, aw yeah, uh huh, uh huh... i love winter break!!

and my gosh! drawing is actually HURTING my back! seriously! ok, some of yall may not get this, but you totally would livi! ok, so when i'm drawing on the wacom, i'm usually sitting on the floor cross legged with the tablet in my lap. well, that means i'm hunched over. which gets seriously painful when you draw for hours at a time! yes, this picture has taken me over... five days. FIVE DAYS!! that's RIDICULOUS! NEVER have i wanted to just get a picture OVER WITH!! which kinda makes me sad, but it's true! the only reason i HAVEN'T just given up on it, is beacuse i would hate myself for life. not really. i'm just really OCD. oh! and Livi! i SO know what i'm doing for my word prompt! it's not a comic or anything, it's just a picture, but you'll LIKE it! have you started "Mushroom" yet?

for those who don't know, me and livi have this "word prompt" thing. she'll give me ONE word (ex, "duck" or "lamp") and it's my job to some how incorporate the word into either a oneshot (fic or comic) or just a picture. most of them end up as comics oneshots.

hm.... i should post some of mine....

anyway, it's a really good way to break Artist/Authors block! you should try it sometime! just hook up with a buddy or something!

anyway, that concludes my seriously convoluted rambling!


oh! and Latte and Allyson: don't go hatin' on Tyler! he's mah buddy!