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    Tales from the Apartment

    In some way, somehow, Durithyll, Roake, Daiyori, Jacob, and Komasu have found themselves living together under the same roof. This webcomic details the insanity of the Residents, their lives, and all they've been through together.

    Current Story Arc

    While a lot of Tales from the Apartment can seem like a collection of One-Shots, most of it is actual story arcs! Some of them hilarious and light-hearted, others epic and huge in character development. I'll have the current story arc listed here.


    One thing you need to keep in mind when reading these though, is that the Crew is not here! There will be story arcs where its' going to be like, "What the heck? Shouldn't the Crew be spazzing in here as much as the Residents?" yes, chances are they should. But i don't own those characters! to see some of their crazy adventures, go either ZebraStripes or Here! both of which are listed at the bottom of the Home Page.


    September 2008



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