okie day! this is just random update really!

first, i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to get a Christmas picture on here by Christmas day. You see, me and my sister BOTH use the ONE Wacom Tablet, and mom asked both of us for a picture for Christmas. Well, the Wacom belongs to Kanirou (my sister) so she gets dibs. so she's currently working on her picture. which means that i'm not. which is a problem. even if i do get the Wacom back in time, i'll have to spend all my time working on the picture for my mom. i'll be lucky to even finish that!

second thing: do ANY of you guys ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings? cause if you don't i will have to seriously SMACK you! not really! but whatever!

i WILL update the EPCs regardless, but you guys should seriously read them! there's some serious Insanity going on over there! in case you guys DIDN'T already know, the EPCs are the insanity that me and Liv randomly cook up. She'll leave a random comment with the Crew, i'll respond with the Residents, and before you know it, the entire universe is in peril! actually, thats only happened once... but whatever! what i'm saying is that you guys should read them! it's the EASIEST way to understand the characters!  grr!

okay, third point: I'm finishing up with the character sketches for everybody, but i need to colour them and stuff in Photoshop before i can put them up (i want you guys to see them and critique them before i start the final piece). which, duh, i can't do at the moment. plus, i STILL haven't gotten Hewhohasnotbeennamed's (Jason, that means you!) description! so everybody go spam his blog until he gives me his stupid description! oi!

ok, so i think that's all for now!


ps: everybody make sure to do the poll thing on the homepage! just to give me an idea on exactly how many people ACTUALLY read the Epic Comment Postings!




Tue, 23 Dec 2008 15:20:40

OI!!! Where have you BEEN all day?!? I have ZERO contact with you!!

I gave you the ransom note and CHECK YOUR EMAIL for you-know-who!!

And get back on the chat thing when you get a chance!! I gotta ask you something!


Tue, 23 Dec 2008 16:05:58

Tee hee...your YES box is 100%...:)


Moolatte XD

Tue, 23 Dec 2008 16:09:30

oh! durithyll! i'm gonna send a link to a fanfic to you via e-mail! I think you'll like it! :)



Tue, 23 Dec 2008 16:46:34

What is with you and randomly dissapearing off the face of the earth?!?!



Tue, 23 Dec 2008 17:28:05

A thought occurs to me...

Ya know what we could do with the chat thing?

Publish Here.weebly



Wed, 24 Dec 2008 08:42:54

You use photoshop for inking and coloring your pictures right? How much does photoshop cost, and what version do you have?



Wed, 24 Dec 2008 09:04:57

Yeah, i use Photoshop Elements 6.0. i just looked it up on amazon, and you can get for around 80 bucks.

I'm pretty sure they've released a newer version of Elements though, so you might want to look for that.



Wed, 24 Dec 2008 11:33:22

How long did it take you to figure out how to ink and color your pictures?


Wed, 24 Dec 2008 12:21:11

Yo! come see what Livi did for me!



Wed, 24 Dec 2008 15:29:49

Durithyll? Please pretty please with cherries on top come do the chat with me as soon as you read this.

I swear, if you come talk to me on chat, I won't completly murder your snake!!




Wed, 24 Dec 2008 15:49:57

Yo! I'm pulling an all-nighter tonight!!

I'm not saying you HAVE to get on the chat thing (with YOUR schedule, you probly need the sleep), but I'm gonna stay logged in if you do wanna get on.

Just for a few minutes, at least, before you go to bed!! I just need to know you exist!!



Wed, 24 Dec 2008 18:06:46

gotcha! okie day!

and to DIDID, it took my a while to get the hang off using the Wacom (God bless the man who invented it), you know, keeping my lines straight and such, but so much as figuring out how to use the program, not very long at all. it's all set up very logically.

you'll get the hang of it in no time. ;-)

do you have a site or anything that you plan to post your pictures on? i would love to see them! and have a merry Christmas!



Fri, 26 Dec 2008 15:34:59

I'm in the process of making a site. First I need photoshop elements.



Sat, 27 Dec 2008 07:34:47

fun! well make sure you tell me what your site is when you've finished making it!!

they're aren't enough artists on weebly. ;-)



Sat, 27 Dec 2008 17:00:40

Would GIMP work as well as photoshop elements?



Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:21:52

i'm not familiar with that program, so i really wouldn't know.


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